10 Foods I've Eaten That Explain Why I'm Not Scared Of What's In The COVID-19 Vaccine
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10 Foods I've Eaten That Explain Why I'm Not Scared Of What's In The COVID-19 Vaccine

This is just a callout of how weird Latin American food can be sometimes.

10 Foods I've Eaten That Explain Why I'm Not Scared Of What's In The COVID-19 Vaccine
Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

Throughout the past year, I have been relying on humor to get me through quarantine and a global pandemic. And what's funnier than your own culture? Now that I've had my first dose of the vaccine and my second one is a week away, I've been thinking about everyone I've met who refuses to take the vaccine.

Per the usual anti-vaxxer argument, the conflict stems from "what's really in the vaccine"?? As someone who has such severe asthma that even just a bad flu could take her out, I haven't really stopped to think about what's in the vaccine, as long as it's in me.

But after giving it some thought, I've realized that no matter what's in that shot, I've probably put a lot worse things in my body. So here are 10 of those things.

10. I eat fruit without washing it.

Starting off simple; everybody does this sometimes, right?

9. I eat at university dining halls.

I've already gotten plenty ill from the food (can it even be called that?) in my university dining halls. The vaccine can't possibly be as bad as the dining hall's attempt at a casserole.

8. I've eaten crickets...and ants.

We got them from a street vendor in Mexico. To be honest, the crickets were a little salty, but the ants were pretty good.

7. I have had tongue and tripe tacos.

If anyone's wondering, tripe is a cow's second stomach. I have put a stomach in my stomach.

6. I get onion tea when I'm sick.

Yeah...this one is as gross as it sounds and is made exactly how you think it is. But I can't complain because it actually helps.

5. I've also had frogs' legs.

These are in fifth place because I feel like this is a neutral "gross food". It was just odd, but I didn't actually realize they were frog legs, so I guess that's good!

4. Cow udder tacos!

I'll be honest, it's been so long since I had these, I can't remember if they're good or not.

3. I have put microwaved bulls' testicles in my mouth.

They were small and they tasted like chicken.

2. I've drank the water in Mexico.

And I'm still alive! So hit me with your worst, vaccine.

1. I'm Catholic and I have participated in Holy Communion since I was 8.

I haven't gotten sick from taking the wine at Mass each Sunday for the past 13 years, so there's absolutely nothing in the vaccine that could scare me.

As gross as this food might sound, most of it is pretty good. Wow, it's almost like it's a metaphor or something?? But seriously, it's been a little over a year now that we've been in a global pandemic. A few side effects of two shots should not be the reason why the pandemic doesn't end. Go get vaccinated, folks.

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