Self-care can be so much more than just a "night in" with a face mask, hot bath, and some LANY playing in the background of your room. For those who struggle to see the good in every day, self-care can be simply getting yourself out of bed each day. Self-care can mean making sure you take a shower tomorrow morning. Caring for yourself can mean making sure you're talking to someone who cares about you and getting that cry out that you've really needed to for the past two weeks.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes all you need is a charcoal face mask and a Lush bath bomb to make yourself feel better, but take this as a reminder that it doesn't always have to be that extravagant. When I'm feeling down or just simply not my best self, I like to read, and I'll read anywhere. If I'm feeling bad and you spot me with a book in my hand know that that is me trying to get out of whatever funk I may be in and that it's OK.

Recently while being at FGCU I like to spend my self-care time down at the pool while reading my favorite book at that time. It's a nice escape from the dorm room life and for a minute makes you forget that you're at college. Because everyone needs a break every once in a while.

And for everyone that is reading this and is doing good in life, I am so happy for you. But make sure you check up on your friends every once in a while. Everyone is going through something that they could never say out loud and if you just let them know you're there for them I'm sure that it would mean more than you think.