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Do These 4 Things for a Healthier Day

4 Things to Change About Your Morning Routine to Put You in a Better Mood, and Keep You There!

These tips are easy to try, and will definitely turn your morning around. Starting your morning right is a good way to make sure the rest of the day follows. Little things like waking up with a smile, or slowly sipping tea can really improve your day. You've got nothing to lose anyway, so try it! The morning is the most important time of day. Not only does it determine your mood, but it can also determine how the rest of your day is going to go. The problem is that many mornings are steered badly. Maybe you were rushed this morning and arrived late. Maybe you just woke up upset because of that annoying clock's (or phone's) alarm. Maybe it's because you got an upsetting email, or comment on a post. Any of these things can ruin a morning, and give you a bad day. Here are five ways to avoid a bad morning, and give it an extra bit of happiness and serenity.

1. Your Wakup Call


Try setting your alarm a half hour earlier than you typically wake up. This gives you less of a rushed morning, and the ability to have a more leisurely day, without being late. Your morning sets the pace for the rest of the day, and having a rushed, quick day puts more and more stress on you, and will eventually stress you out.

You should also check out the website sleep time, as well as the program sleep cycle alarm clock; both give recommended sleep cycles. What are sleep cycles? I'm glad you asked! According to the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock company, "While you sleep, you go through cycles of sleep states. The first state in a sleep cycle is light sleep, followed by deep sleep and a dream state referred to as REM-sleep. A full sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is normally repeated several times each night...[here's how it works] Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock." (Sleep Cycle Alarm, n.d.) Whether you use or sleep cycle alarm clock, you should at least try it for a few nights. You'll wake up feeling more refreshed and alert!

2. Your Alarm


One of the worst ways to wake up is to a blaring alarm. It starts your day out with anxiety and surprise, rather than happiness serenity. The way you wake up can affect your entire day. This is why your alarm should be a favorite song, light melody, or something that you like hearing. You'll wake up with a smile, instead of a grimace.

3. Skip Checking Your Phone


Most people check their phones right after waking up. Try skipping the social media and technology until after breakfast, or even until you get to work. If you skip checking it, you'll have more time to yourself, and separate from any 'toxic' people. This will help you to be more calm, and less anxious or self-conscious.

4. Drink Some Tea


So you've woken up peacefully, and given yourself a little more 'me-time.' Now it's time for some tea. Tea helps to gently wake you up, and most have antioxidants that are good for your health and mental strength. One of the other great benefits are that many teas have herbs that go towards a physical health benefit. Some even help with bloating and nausea. Making a cup of tea and drinking it every morning will help with many different aspects of your morning and day.

These tips are easy to try, and will definitely turn your morning around. Starting your morning right is a good way to make sure the rest of the day follows. Little things like waking up with a smile, or slowly sipping tea can really improve your day. I know from experience that all of these work. I wake up feeling more alert, and more awake than I did with my old routine. These have benefited me by giving my day the right start, and a calmer day overall. While these tips do not ensure that you'll be constantly happy, I can tell you that they'll give a kick-start in the right direction, and give you a better chance of smiling through the pressure than if you started your day angry, stressed, and late. You've got nothing to lose anyway, so go ahead and try it!

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ASU Students Push For A Healthier Dining Hall To Counter 'Freshman 15' Fears

The freshman 15 is an avoidable curse, but many students will continue to follow into its trap.


Arizona State University students are pushing for change within the downtown Phoenix dining hall as they strive to avoid the infamous freshman 15.

The downtown Phoenix campus offers fewer dining options than the Tempe campus and has a less appetizing dining hall. The freshman 15 is a common scare among students living in the dorms, who are often freshman.

The freshman 15 is defined as a student who gains 15 pounds or more in their first year of college. Studies prove the average freshman does not exercise the right amount, is sleep deprived, has a poor diet, increases their stress level, alcohol consumption, and fatty food intake, which is most likely causing their weight gain.

Lauren Hernandez

Daniella Rudoy, a journalism major and fitness instructor at the SDFC, relived her freshman year as she provided tips for incoming freshman.

"There are a lot of workouts you can do in your dorm room as long as you have access to YouTube or a floor. You can go on a run, a walk, or do exercises that do not require equipment," Rudoy said in support of college fitness.

Rudoy said that mental health, fitness, and nutrition all correlate with one another.

"I follow the saying abs are made in the kitchen. So if you are working out day and night, but eating a giant pizza and chicken wings with a pack of beer when you come home you aren't doing yourself much good," Rudoy said.

Lauren Hernandez

The main cause for weight gain is increased alcohol consumption. 80 percent of college students drink and this includes binge-drinking, which is unhealthy for many reasons.

Students who do not drink are most likely gaining weight because of their exposure to an all-you-can-eat dining hall. The downtown Phoenix campus offers a salad bar as their only consistent healthy option for students, therefore students are left eating hamburgers, fries, and pizza.

"I haven't been to the dining hall this semester. Last semester, I went because I had no other options. I am a vegetarian and the dining hall is not accommodating to those with allergies or food restrictions. I find it very difficult to find vegetarian options," Lexi Varrato, a journalism major said.

Lauren Hernandez

Varrato explained that she believes the freshman 15 is "100% real" and that incoming freshmen should research their meal plans and ask their school how their dietary restrictions will be accommodated before purchasing a non-refundable meal plan.

Megan Tretter, a nursing major at Seattle University emphasized that not every dining hall is like ASU's and that the freshman 15 is "definitely not a problem" at her school.

"I always eat healthy at my dining hall. There are a lot of good and healthy options at Seattle University. I usually go to the smoothie line in the morning, have a salad for lunch, and make myself an acai bowl after work with avocado toast in our floor's kitchen," Tretter said in support of her school's strive for healthy options.

College students across the United States have healthier dining options than ASU, but many colleges still face the same problems that students here are facing.

Tara Shultz, a journalism major at ASU believes she has avoided the "very real" freshman 15 by living at home.

"I believe the freshman 15 targets dorm residence and first-year students who do not live at home as they do not have their parents as a guide and are forced to eat at a dining hall that only serves fatty foods," Shultz emphasized.

Lauren Hernandez

The downtown Phoenix campus offers students access to the SDFC, YMCA, and Taylor Place gym, where students can take group fitness classes, run on a track, play basketball, or swim. Alternative options for students are purchasing a membership at Orangetheory or EOS Fitness.

Most students agreed with journalism major Vanessa Gonzalez that they have little time to work out due to their workload, but many students like Varrato, Tretter, and Rudoy explained that they try to work out every day as it is a stress reliever and it enriches their mental health.

Steve Fiorentino, the owner of Powered Up Nutrition encourages college students to learn what they are putting in their bodies.

"I think it starts with nutrition. Students believe they can outwork a bad diet and I believe that is their number one mistake. My advice is to stop eating fast foods and start eating whole and healthy foods along with supplements," Fiorentino stated.

The freshman 15 is an avoidable curse, but many students will continue to follow into its trap. The campus dining hall is not always the reason to blame as students have the option to decrease their meal plans, become active, and make healthy choices!

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To The Big-Hearted Girls Who Just Can't Hit The Block Button

Your compassion for others knows no bounds, and that's why you can't seem to let them go.


Not everyone is worthy of your good heart.

It might be hard to accept that, but it's true. The ones that don't deserve your attention and your care always out themselves. Maybe they take advantage of your kindness, maybe they use you for your love, or maybe they hurt you because they envy some aspect of you or your life. Whatever the case may be, I know you feel the pain from it. I know you are not naive enough to believe that they don't mean the hurtful things they say or that the awful things they put you through are only mere accidents.

Your problem is that you have too big of a heart. You love giving second chances and when they screw that chance up as well, you just can't help yourself from giving them a third, a fourth, or a fifth. Far too easily you are swept up in this cycle of forgiving and forgetting, only to have it blow up in your face time and time again.

You know better.

How many times have you sworn you wouldn't help them again, that it was the last time you'd speak to them, only to snatch up your phone the second you see their name pop up across the screen? How often have you cried over someone who only wanted to be a part of your life when they needed something from you?

Stop giving your all to people that don't care.

Trust me, I know it's easier said than done. It's a difficult habit to break, but once you do you are completely and utterly free from the toxicity. If you're looking for a sign to block that boy who has done nothing but break your heart, or if you were waiting for your cue to finally end that friendship that does nothing but make you feel small, here it is.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to treat you with the love and respect that you so freely give. Most of the time the people that treat you like crap are just crappy people. It's not your responsibility to save every troubled soul, and you've probably learned by now that not all of them want to be saved.

There's nothing wrong with looking for the good in people, but when they start to drain you of your light you need to have the strength to let them go.

To the girls gifted with hearts too sensitive and ready to burst with compassion, it's OK to cut ties with those who hurt you time and time again. It doesn't mean you've stooped to their level; it doesn't mean you're a bad person. You tried your hardest, but toxic people rarely change their ways. You don't deserve that kind of pain.

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