self-care isn’t Just bath bombs and face masks

self-care isn’t Just bath bombs and face masks

Self-care is simpler than you think.


What's first comes to mind when you hear the words "self-care"? If it's photos of glamorous celebrities, showing off their fluffy white robes, while wearing a face mask and holding an expensive bath bomb, you're not alone.

Recently, self-care has become so trendy that posting videos of your bath bomb dissolving into water or showing off your freaky new face mask look receives praise and increases your social media likes exponentially.

It's hard not to feel slightly deflated if you're unable to practice self-care in a way that's been so glorified and saturated all over social media. To start, self-care doesn't have to be expensive, and if the price stresses you out, it's doing the opposite of its intention. There are a lot of different ways that you can take care of yourself and are little self-care practices that you can do every day that aren't quite as glamorous or Instagramable. And that's okay.

Self-care has helped me do more than simply exist in the chaos that is NYC and life as a full-time graduate student. I want to emphasize that like many other skills, self-care is a practice and takes time to get the hang of, and therefore it is important not to be too hard on yourself while you're just starting out.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It's about nourishing yourself throughout the day—both physically and emotionally. This helps me feel less burnt out, more energized, and more able to do everything that I need to do. I often feel anxious, drained, and irritable when I haven't engaged in enough self-care. In these times, it's glaringly obvious to me that I need to make myself more of a priority and slow down, even just briefly.

As someone who struggles with mental health, it is important that I prioritize my well-being and take care of myself. I've done the "too busy to slow down, never stop, never take care of yourself" thing before, and spoiler alert-- it doesn't end well. By not actively engaging in self-care, I'm passively hurting my mental health.

There are a number of simple things I do for self-care that do wonders for me. This means remembering to take my medication every day, morning and evening, even when I'm in a rush. It means that I always make sure I'm eating consistently throughout the day and that I drink lots of water. It means that sometimes I need to say "no" to plans so that I have time to rest and recharge. It also means setting boundaries in my relationships and working on my communication with others. And sometimes, it can be as simple as taking extra time when I get home at night to take off my makeup with a face wash that smells good instead of using a makeup wipe.

I encourage you to find a self-care routine that not only feels accessible and simple to do but something that's unique to you. That could mean that you decide to spend a little extra time in the morning making yourself a cup of tea and reading or going for a run, or painting. The point is, self-care is necessary and unique to each individual person. I've noticed that my mental health has improved and I've felt happier as I engage in self-care. It takes time to find the right balance, and again, that's okay, but you'll never know what will work and make you feel great if you don't try. It's important that we take care of ourselves for all of the time that we have here in this world.

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Tattoos with meaning you can't deny.

It's tough to find perfect tattoos with meaning.

You probably want something permanent on your body to mean something deeply, but how do you choose a tattoo that will still be significant in 5, 10, 15, or 50 years? Over time, tattoos have lost much of their stigma and many people consider them a form of art, but it's still possible to get a tattoo you regret.

So here are 20 tattoos you can't go wrong with. Each tattoo has its own unique meaning, but don't blame me if you still have to deal with questions that everyone with a tattoo is tired of hearing!

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3. Top symbol: unclosed delta symbol which represents open to change. Bottom symbol: strategy.

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6.Greek symbol of Inguz: where there's a will, there's a way.

7. Psalm 18:33 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights."

8. 'Ohm' tattoo that represents 4 different states of consciousness and a world of illusion: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya) and world of illusion (maya)

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To Those Who Are Scared To Be Themselves, You Shouldn’t Be

Be proud of who you are and do not shelter your beautiful soul from the world. Some may love you some may not but that is life.


As a society we are hesitant. Hesitant, to be undeniably us. Hesitant, to express our truest emotions. Hesitant, to show who we are in our truest form. What if I said that through this hesitation you are not only hindering yourself, but shielding those around you from truly getting to know you for you. What a shame that is.

The world wants to know who you are. Regardless of what the social normative says. Show me your tired, show me your happy, show me your sadness. Show the world what is you in your entirety.

I used to hesitate too. Hell, I still at times continue to hide. Hide from those trying to get to know me, I am nervous that they will not appreciate what they see. Opening up is a difficult yet weird experience. However, worth it.

High school was not an easy time for me. I would not say I had it made or had it awful, but like any teenager trying to figure themselves out; it still was not easy. Reflecting on my time before higher education, I would say I wasn't true to myself.

I kept to myself. I was friendly and people knew me, at least they thought so anyways. But my closest friends and family knew, the much deeper parts of me. That I genuinely can not stop laughing once I start, that I can imitate just about any cartoons voice, that if you needed a shoulder to cry on I am the girl to call.

Instead, people thought I was friendly. A little awkward but friendly. Any potential relationship that seemed new or uncertain I would run from. Because opening up to people is scary and they may not like what they see. They may get a sense for what my mind is like and not value my thoughts. Or worse, they may find me "weird".

Want to know what I have to say to that now? Screw that. Be who you are. So what if people do not love what makes you, you? Do you like you? Certainly there are days where I am not happy with who I am. I am impatient and by no means perfect, but as a whole… I would like to think I am pretty cool.

I am not longer scared to show people the funny, loud, sometimes annoying, sensitive, emotional, undeniable me. The difference? My own attitude. To the person reading this, do not hide who you are.

For one of two reasons. The first, you never know who will fall in love with all things you. By this I mean, you could find your soulmate, your best friend, your absolute go to. Just by sharing you're making the world a better place. Give the world a chance to know who you are, because we want to!

The second, do it for yourself. It is such a relief. It is such a beautiful feeling being open and honest about everything you are. Sure, people may sometimes think I am weird, I do some questionable things. But that is what makes me, me! Again why hide from the world, when you could add some color to it.

More importantly you deserve to be comfortable in your very own skin. Do not hesitate to share yourself with new people. Life is short, people value honesty, openness, above all else the truth. Show you in the truest form.

For those, who keep themselves sheltered from the world out of fear I am here to say I understand you. Irrational fears and all. But speaking from experience, I am proud to be open about my awkward, weird, funny self to those I know and do not know at all. Promise you, you will feel the same some day.

Allow for the world to meet the real you. They may love you or they may not, but at least you're honest. Introduce yourself in your entirety. Next time you introduce yourself to someone, don't hesitate. Share your soul, the world needs some color.

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