National Inner Beauty Day Tips For Loving Your Inner Self
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10 Ways To Love Your Inner Beauty Without Looking At Who's Liking Your Instagram Photos

Physical beauty can fade, but what's on the inside is yours forever.

10 Ways To Love Your Inner Beauty Without Looking At Who's Liking Your Instagram Photos
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On October 7, it's National Inner Beauty Day. This national holiday was created to celebrate the beauty within all of us, "to introduce beauty and wholeness to a world that may not yet understand its own self-worth."

The story of who we are on the inside is often untold. Everyone has admirable qualities on the inside, but does the outside show that? Who we really are as individuals can only be shown through who we are on the inside. By finding value in ourselves, we make one of the most important decisions of celebrating our true selves.

However, in a world consumed by social media and Instagram influencers, inner beauty is often tossed aside. The whole world may be "liking" you based on your Instagram photos, so it can be hard to see the beauty within you.

But it's about time you start liking yourself for what's on the inside. On this National Inner Beauty Day, ignore how others see you through a phone screen and focus on your inner beauty with these ten steps.

1. Find your definition of inner beauty.

Similar to physical beauty, the idea of inner beauty is different for every person. Identify what inner beauty means to you. Is it kindness? Honesty? Dependability? Lovingness? Comfort? Friendliness? Write down what you see inner beauty as and remember the qualities! As you work on focusing on your inner beauty, keep these qualities in mind.

2. Think positively about yourself and your inner beauty.

Rather than constantly thinking about your outer appearance, start focusing on who you are on the inside. Think positive thoughts about what's on the inside! If you have negative thoughts, practice replacing those thoughts with something positive. Look at yourself in the mirror and ignore the thoughts you have about your physical beauty - compliment yourself on your personality, your heart, your mind.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Physical health can often encourage and create a greater attitude towards inner beauty. Maintaining a regular health routine requires you to pay attention to what your body needs, which can also include what you need on the inside. You can encourage a healthy lifestyle by choosing healthier foods, ones that are great for your physical health and ones that improve your mood and mental health. Living a healthy lifestyle also requires adequate sleep, which is important for emotional well-being and is key to achieving a focus on inner beauty. Also, exercise helps to improve mood as it can provide short-term and long-term emotional benefits. In addition, exercise works wonders on the outside, which can increase confidence in one's inner beauty!

4. Work to reduce your stress. 

Stress and anxiety can cast a shadow over your focus on inner beauty. By working to reduce your stress, you can create a greater focus on the beauty within you. One healthy way to reduce your stress and make way for your inner beauty is to meditate! Take a few minutes out of your day to clear your mind and focus on all the positive things in your life, including those within you.

5. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are on the inside.

In a world of Instagram influencers and the social-media-obsessed, it can be hard to find people who are true friends that love you for who you REALLY are. Search for genuine, sincere people who are in it for YOU, not just who's on the outside. Once you find those special people, keep them in your life. Surrounding yourself with people who love you for who you are on the inside allows you to see and focus on your inner beauty as well!

6. Practice genuineness and authenticity.

Inner beauty is a reflection of who you truly are - so practice being yourself. Throw away the idea of trying to be 'perfect' and find ways that allow you to be comfortable with who you are on the inside. By being true and honest to your genuine self, you're allowing your inner beauty to shine.

7. Grow your self-awareness.

In order to pursue a focus on your inner beauty, it's important to expand your self-awareness and knowledge. Get to know who YOU are! Take a personality and an enneagram test - you can get to know yourself better, understand your skills and traits, and learn what you should work on and develop. Challenge yourself! Pursue new interests and try new experiences. Find out what it is you like and dislike. Expand your thought process to encourage creativity and push your boundaries in great ways in order to focus on your inner beauty!

8. Know your personal potential and pursue it. 

Look at your life and determine what you want from it and what you don't. By living the life you want and deserve, you can focus on all the beautiful things within you. It leads to more satisfaction in your personal life and can bring overall improved self-esteem. Living a fulfilled personal life can create a sense of determination within you that can help you focus on your inner beauty.

9. Understand and practice self-care.

Self-care is so important for so many reasons! It's a huge part of establishing and focusing on inner beauty. Self-care helps you to maintain mental balance and happiness within! To truly focus on your inner beauty, understand what you need for self-care and practice it.

10. Stop criticizing yourself.

Start listening to your heart and ignore that critical voice in your head. Replace every negative thought you have about yourself with a positive one. Treat yourself with that same love and respect that you want from others. Speaking and thinking negatively about yourself can cause a lot of damage on the inside, so start recognizing your true inner beauty and compliment yourself on it!

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