10 Tips to Fight the Flu on College Campuses

It's flu season. YAY. For some reason, everyone's immune system decides to shut down and fail them for a couple months. Not anymore! Here are some tips I use in college to decrease my chances of catching a cold!

Wash Your Hands

There are countless surfaces you touch that are shared with others at school. This is why it is critical to develop a good hand washing routine. This simple habit will prevent a number of illnesses!

Carry Hand Sanitizer

Can't get to a sink before you eat? Pack hand sanitizer to quickly clean your hands before eating your meals. Use this after you've shared any items with others as well.

Don't Share

An easy way to prevent the spread of illness is to avoid sharing items with others. This can include school supplies, books, food, or drinks.

Take a Sick Day

If you are legitimately feeling an illness coming on, then it is best to stay home. Pushing yourself can bring it on further and spread your sickness to others.

Get Immunized

Most immunizations were received as children, but there are some specifically for college students. A physician can tell you which ones need to be updated.

Drink Herbal Tea

Proper immune system function is important for warding off illness and preventing fatigue. Herbal teas like dandelion, chamomile, and ginseng can help boost your immune system for better health.

See a Doctor

If you are feeling under the weather, it is always best to check with a doctor first. You may not think it is anything major, but sometimes you can develop infections you are not aware of. Left unchecked, these can be very serious. A doctor can help you get what you need to get back on track.

Don't Smoke

Smoking is one of the worst habits you can develop. Not only does it create long-term health problems, but it can also impair your immune system's health.

Take Nutritional Supplements

Certain nutritional supplements, like zinc, probiotics, and Echinacea, can help boost your immune system. Consult a doctor before taking any supplements, though, as they may interfere with existing medications you are taking.

Stay Active and Eat Right

By following diet and exercise tips, you can help your body stay healthy and fight off illness. These need to be part of your daily habits to remain at your healthiest level.

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