Flowers Do Not Make Up For Everything

Flowers Don't Make Up For Everything

You should have a warning sign on your back.


I still remember standing there in my blue and silver sparkly dress.

People asked me where you went; I said you needed to leave early. I truly believed that you needed to.

A boy came up to me and asked me to dance, so I said yes, seeing no harm in it.

Before I knew it, he began to grab my butt and grind on me in the middle of the dance floor. I did not know what to do; I froze until the music ended and then left homecoming, alone and ashamed and guilty.

It turns out that, while I was being violated at the homecoming dance you were apparently my date for, you were off partying with your friends and the girl who you claimed you no longer had feelings for you.

How did I end up being the one apologizing?

It took me years to realize the mind games and the emotional abuse that you put me through.

Years to see that I did not deserve any of it.

Years to realize that it is okay to believe in myself.

Years to understand that I am worthy of love.

I still remember being in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with my family.

We were having a great first day there -- Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Dick's Last Resort, etc. etc. etc. etc.

And then you texted me that you would not talk to me the whole week.

No explanation, just radio silence.

I cried at more tour stops in Tennessee than probably anyone ever.

And then I came home and you convinced me that whatever it was that happened was partially my fault.

That you would give me, give us, another chance.

Oh, I am so grateful

You told me you wanted to marry me.

Why so you could continually drag my self-confidence down the drain for the rest of my life?

Flowers do not make up for everything.

Club volleyball tryouts.

You knew I had them; you knew I was so nervous.

Radio silence. All day. Your specialty.

Making sure the only thing I had on my mind was you.

You were obsessed with drama.

You thrived off of it.

I got my SAT score back and was thrilled.

The guidance counselor told me that I should send them to my dream school right then.

"Ahhh well [your score] isn't bad, obvi you have to bring it up to get into [ your dream school] and all them."

No thanks to your extreme support, I was accepted into the honors college at that school.

And I did not even go there because I got a full tuition scholarship to another university.

A full tuition scholarship.

I guess you were wrong when you said I was not good enough, not smart enough.

I feel bad for the other girls who have fallen under your spell.

You should have a warning sign on your back.

You went to a party at a friend's house.

And then you expected me to feel bad for you for sleeping in the same bed as a guy and two girls.

I did not feel bad.

I was sad. I was mad. I was hurt. I was jealous.

Why did I still stay?

You tried to cause me permanent damage.

Too bad I am stronger than you.

I only hope that you get better.

I only hope that you do not continue this pattern.

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21 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who Was A Camp Counselor

Spouse and parent material, all wrapped up in an animal shirt, Nike shorts, and Chacos.

1. They shop at Goodwill mostly... low maintenance you could say?

SEE ALSO: The ABC's Of Summer Camp

2. They are pretty awesome at talking to parents... opening days have given good practice for them. Give them 15 minutes and they will become best friends with your parents.

3. Their best friends actually are long you can wait a while to meet their besties who will want to know everything about you and make sure your intentions are good.

4. They have learned how to look decently presentable without showering for a week... maybe may or may not like this one.

5. They are always down for adventure... sure let's hike for eight miles uphill in the middle of the week!

6. They know what it is like to be woken up at 2 a.m. because someone wet their bed... mom training.

7. They also know how to give the "modest is hottest" talk to the teenage campers... and will help give you a classy future daughter.

8. Building fires is their hidden talent... if you ever get stuck on a deserted island with them they can help you.

9. Animal shirts are a common clothing item... they know how to have fun.

10. They throw killer dance parties... ones your grandma would approve of.

11. They are used to being publicly embarrassed for others (their campers') enjoyment... and usually can take a joke or prank well.

12. They also know how to prank you back... summer camp prepares you for awesome prank wars.

13. If you want to see her with no makeup on just look at her camp photos... natural beauty?

14. They actually love children... they chose to spend a whole summer loving other people's kids; imagine how awesome they will treat their own.

15. Chances are they are a really fun person and will bring out your inner child... yes, climb that random tree and paint your face because it is Wednesday.

16. Their "real job" will come later in life... they will end up being successful. Most employers love to hire former counselors, so it is not a waste of a summer.

17. They know how to hide their favorites in life really well... so if they choose to date you they are basically saying you are their favorite and that is a big deal to them.

18. They have learned how to eat unhealthy food every day for a whole summer and stay in shape... or try to at least.

19. They also are obviously not a diva when it comes to material needs...they went a whole summer without even air conditioning and never complained.

20. If they love you anything like they love their campers your needs will always be put first...they are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet.

21. They love God, living for Him, and have already made a difference in many children's lives... they are the real MVPS.

If you are still looking for a place to work this summer and love adventure, Jesus, and children, apply for Camp Crestridge for Girls; they still have many positions available. I'll be there so you should too!

If you are a boy apply for Camp Ridgecrest for Boys!

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Be Nice To Everyone, Even The One Who May Be A Total Jerk to You

You don't know what everyone is going through, so just be nice.


"You're always so bubbly." "Why are you so nice?"

These are phrases I typically hear, and to tell you the truth, it's because why would you want to be mean? The reason I am nice to everyone is that you honestly don't know what people go through. You don't know if they're giving a fake smile or not because they have problems at home or with their friends. Even if you're having a bad day, don't take it out on someone else because you shouldn't use someone as your own personal punching bag.

People go through so many things in their daily lives. Everyone has their own demons and may be fighting their own fights, so why would you want to add fire to that? Wouldn't you want to be the person that makes someone smile after they have been having a bad day? Making someone's day will honestly make your day because you will feel like you helped someone.

Many people who are bitter at the moment tend to rain on other people's parades, or in other words, they want to stop the positive attitude of someone who is having a good day. This instance has happened to me many times, where people tend to want to ruin the positive attitude I have just because they don't agree with what I say or think that they're above me. When you're mean to a person, you give off the feeling that you think they're less and we live in a country where everyone should be treated equally. Being nice is about being a decent human being and treating the people you meet with kindness and respect, regardless of who they are.

In the past, I have had my share of bullying and people who are closed minded and have negative attitudes. In my experience, I don't even want to continue and engage with them because if you surround yourself with negativity, it will eventually start to rub off on you. Self-care is also choosing not to argue with people who are committed to misunderstanding you, which is exactly why sometimes I just stay quiet and let the other person think they have "won" the argument because, at the end of the day, you believe in what you want. People should know the difference between voicing their opinion and trying to change someone's opinion.

Lastly, being mean doesn't solve anything. As hate crimes have risen in the past couple of years, it is an effect of being mean to people. As a society, we honestly do not need any more hate or bullying or negative attitudes. I understand that some people aren't as friendly or outgoing, but it's simple — if you have an encounter with someone, just make sure to be nice and not put anybody down. Words hurt, too.

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