7 Reasons Why Florida Is The Weirdest State In America
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7 Reasons Why Florida Is The Weirdest State In America

America's favorite vacation destination isn't all sunshine.

7 Reasons Why Florida Is The Weirdest State In America
Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Underneath the glorious beaches and perfect weather, Florida hides some weird quirks. While many other states definitely have their faults, none have them quite like Florida.

1. Rainstorms last for five minutes but they’re brutal

Seriously, it will rain so hard that you’ll think there’s a hurricane outside but then it clears up in ten minutes and it will seem like it never happened. Your soaked clothes will say otherwise though.

2. The obsession with Publix

Don’t insult this grocery store in front of any Floridan. Just don’t. I guess the obsession stems from the amount of these grocery stores in Florida and the good service you usually get. Or it could be the Publix subs. Try a chicken tender sub if you ever get the chance. You’ll thank me.

3. Crocodiles and alligators live together

One violent reptile isn't enough for this great state. The Florida Everglades is the only place on earth where crocodiles and alligators share a habitat. Just don't go in the water.

4. No one in South Florida can drive

Driving through rush hour traffic in South Florida will take years off your life. There’s a reason some of the highest car insurance rates in the country can be found around Miami. Sometimes you wonder if the aforementioned crocodiles and alligators are driving instead.

5. There are no basements anywhere

This has to do with zoning laws and the high water table around the state but it's still weird if you're from up north and used to this extra level in your house. Where do you keep all the crap you don’t want on the first level of your house?

6. You get hurricane days instead of snow days

Hurricane Irma gave me more time off of school than any snow vacation I experienced in high school ever. This was great except for the whole evacuating the state ordeal and the airports packed with travelers angry that their vacations got cut short.

7. Every crime committed by a Florida man is just downright bizarre.

One guy stole 850 pairs of underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Another attacked an ice cream man for not giving him a pickled sausage in exchange for $20. One man only wanted pancakes but when his girlfriend served him waffles, he poked her eye out. If you’re ever worried that chivalry is dead, know that another Florida man offered a female police officer $3 and a chicken dinner for sex. Sounds like a deal.

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