Looking down, I see fields take shapes of small squares. Small squares that formed the city I will be leaving for two long months because guys, I'M GOING TO PRAGUE!

Yes, Prague- the beautiful city full of amazing food, breathtaking architecture that includes the second ugliest building in the world, and the guys there aren't that bad, so I've heard. I have two months to take it all in while interning abroad- which itself is an incredible and exciting opportunity I am able to experience.

I'll be interning at Mustard Advertisements and boy oh boy, are they an amazing company. With local clients such as Pilsner and Skoda as well as international clients such as GE and Pfizer, their advertisements are full of sarcasm and wit, which is something I can get on board with. I'll be designing and promoting social media advertisements, doing research on current trends and what audiences truly want, as well as bringing in my own ideas to help build brand awareness. Everything I learned to love while in college. Advertisement is my secret lover. I say that because I just recently got a job in finance. Yes, you can say I am just another college grad who's not using their degree in real life; I majored in communications with a minor in public relations and advertisement, which some can say is far from finance. This internship is something that I have grown impatient to begin.

Aside from working at this incredible firm, I have so much to do in Prague. I have to try everything that comes on a plate, see every touristy place, and truly take in their culture. Not many can say they have been to Prague, let alone out of their home state. So this is a privilege I am truly blessed to be able to experience. My school has been amazing in guiding me through the entire process, from choosing a program to finding scholarships. Not only did they stop there, but they were able to help me write my essay for a huge national scholarship that I won! The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is an incredible program open to students who are receiving the Federal Pell grant at a two-year or four-year university to help fund study and intern abroad programs worldwide. I am truly honored to be a recipient of such a prestigious award and be part of a select few who get to call themselves Gilman Alumni.

So, as I sip this cran-apple martini 28,000 miles in the air, my excitement grows for Prague and the memories to come. I promise to share as much as I can on my trip and share this experience with all of you. It's not a goodbye, it's a see ya later.