7 Resources To Help You Increase Your Flexibility
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Feel A Lil' Better: Because You Need To Stretch It Out

Your weekly wellness boost from Odyssey.

Feel A Lil' Better: Because You Need To Stretch It Out

No matter how good (or bad) you'd describe your health, one thing is for sure: a little boost is ALWAYS a good idea. Whether that's reading a new, motivating book, or listening to a song that speaks to your soul, there are plenty of resources to help your health thrive on any given day.

Flexibility is an important part of life. Yes, you need to be able to go with the flow and adjust when needed, but literal, physical flexibility is equally handy. Not only does increased flexibility keep you safe from injury each time you work out, but a good stretch session is incredibly soothing after a long day. Your body goes through a lot! It needs to cool down and get loose after all the activities you put it through.

Each week, we're bringing you the best resources and influencers to give you a health boost. Here's what we're following this week regarding flexibility.

Book: "Stretching for Beginners"

When you first start stretching to gain increased flexibility, it's important that you don't take it too far too fast. Increasing your range of movement drastically can do more harm than good, and the goal is to slowly improve, not quickly injure! "Stretching for Beginners" gives you 75 exercises that will teach your body how to improve and maintain this flexibility — you just have to follow along.

Podcast: "Beyond the Pointe"

Allie is an ex-professional dancer who's taking all her fitness knowledge and putting it into practical, helpful tools that you can directly use in your life. You probably have some initial thoughts about flexibility — so does she, and she wants to clear up any misconceptions that are floating around!

Instagram influencer: Yelena Veliko

Yelena embodies flexibility in the most literal way. She shares her yoga practice with her followers, as well as sentiments of the heart that pair with whatever movement she is doing. She'll inspire you to do the same!

Twitter account: Jay Lyons

Jay Lyons brings physical flexibility to everyday life, every day. You'll get some ideas, inspiration, and motivation for a fully flexible life in no time.

YouTuber: Mad Fit

Still unsure what you're doing with this whole stretching thing? Time to break out the YouTube tutorial. Mad Fit has an amazing beginner flexibility routine that you can easily follow for a successful cooldown. This would also be a great option to do on days you aren't working out, as a rest day routine.

Musician: Flexibility

Flexibility feels GOOD, so you need some tunes to match your vibe. John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, and Taylor Swift all in one place? Sign me up.

BONUS: Yoga Mat

You'll need a comfortable surface to stretch on — that hardwood floor just isn't going to cut it — so it's time to up your yoga mat game.

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