Starting at being the girl next door, to unintentional matching puck sluts for Halloween, to half year roommates, you quickly became my best friend. Sh*t hit the fan quick. We both went our separate ways with some bitter feelings.

A best friend and lifelong friend are hard to come by. When you find that person, hold on to them near and dear because I lost mine... or at least I thought.

A few months ago, even weeks ago, if you asked me "do you think you guys will be friends again" my answer, quite honestly probably would have been a solid no. Yet, we moved into dorm rooms... which ended up being next to each other (even after we requested not to be roommates anymore? Thanks, Res Life!) I guess they knew something that we didn't know.

It was a bit awkward at first, especially seeing your parents, but none-the-less I said hello and smiled. Thank god I did, because I missed you.

Best friends/lifelong friends go through a lot. I believe think that these last few months were a test of our type of friendship... I couldn't be more excited to know that we are life-long friends.

Thank you for loving me.. while hating me... especially throughout my long rough patch. Thank you for always being transparent with me and being straight up. I know I could not see it at the time but you really always have my back and I could not be more grateful.

Its comforting to know we are starting where we started last year... next door neighbors. I could not be more thankful towards Res Life for messing up our request!