Five Things That Are OK After Breakups

Five Things That Are OK After Breakups

Life goes on, you just have to go on with it.


Breakups are heart-breaking regardless of how long you date a girl or a guy. It’s common that you feel disappointed or extremely uncomfortable when experiencing such a thing. You don’t need to rush yourself to recover. Take a deep a breath, and believe that time can heal everything. Here are five things you might be dealing with after a breakup.

1. I don’t want to go out anymore because guys/girls are all jerks.

Calm down! Everyone may meet one or two jerks in life who are playful. But this doesn’t mean there are no nice guys/girls in the world. Don’t give up! If you’re a college student, you’re still young, and there’s a life-long time for you to find someone that truly matches you.

2. The only thing I want is crying.

I have to admit that people are emotional. Of course it’s sad when you lose someone who has accompanied you for a certain amount of time. Crying is natural which means you have loved someone sincerely. In this case, take all the sweet memories between you and your ex. Meanwhile, you should know that all of these belong to the past, and you have to move on. Crying is only a temporary solution which can make you feel relieved, but it’s impossible to stay in such a mode forever.

3. I’m dumb.

Relationships are only a part of life. Losing a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't mean that you’re incompetent on everything. You’re still the person who maintains a 4.0 GPA or the president of your sorority. Don’t be panic! Stay confident!

4. Nobody likes me.

First of all, breakups are caused by lots of reasons. It’s possible that your ex still likes you, but you guys just don’t fit. Other than this, you still have your best friends and parents who always love you no matter what you are going to face.

5. What should I do without him/her?

You just need some time to forget him/her. Try to distract yourself and spend more time with family and friends. It’s also a good time to start to learn a new language or try a new sport. Always keep yourself busy, and fill your time with different activities, you will finally find he/she is not worth missing all the time.

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