Five Reasons I Trust Fate
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Five Reasons I Trust Fate

There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're supposed to be.

Five Reasons I Trust Fate

I know everyone questions why certain things happen to them.

I know everyone doubts and gets discouraged.

I know that we all think we are rather unlucky.

But, I'm a rather firm believer in fate and here is my reasons why:

1.) Every person that comes into your life crosses your path in that exact moment for a reason.

Whether it is a lesson or a blessing, we will meet people. Sometimes when we meet these people, they will change us for the rest of our lives. I believe that two complete strangers' paths can cross at a time they both are in dire need of the other and it's just unknown at the moment.

It is a rather beautiful concept that a complete stranger can one day become your significant other or will become a lifetime friend.

2.) Job positions come and go.

It is said that an average person will hold between twelve and fifteen jobs in their lifetime. And with these different job opportunities, you will learn different trades. Your patience will be tested in ways you didn't know it could. You will grow more with each job.

When one becomes tired and restless and no longer feeling satisfied with their job, I feel that it is fate pushing you into a brand new direction.

3.) Breakdowns and self doubts are bumps in the road that test us.

It happens to us all a few times. No matter if you have your head in completely secure and you are the most stable person around or if you are rather unstable and nothing ever seems to go right. We are HUMAN. We are NOT invincible against the universe. We will break and fall at times. Bad things are prone to happen. A divorce, failing a class, even death that takes someone we love.

But these tests of fate make us stronger in the long run. We just got to know how to stand back up and continue walking this road called life.

4.) The family we were given.

I believe that we were given the family we have for a reason. For instance, I have a loud, crazy side and a side who are a bunch of deadbeats. The loud, crazy side tests how much over-protection and uncalled for comments I can handle but they truly make me laugh every single day and are always there if I need them or even I don't want them, they are there. My deadbeat side made me realize how lucky I really am that they are not apart of my life.

We are given the family that tests our patience, pushes our buttons, and become wonderful friends as we grow up.

5.) Unexpected blessings.

Pregnancy, marriage, a new pet, or just a happy spot are what I consider an unexpected blessing. I've seen young mothers get pregnant and it changed their life for the better. I've seen engagements come out of nowhere which is a beautiful symbol that someone loves you so much that they want to spend every day for the rest of their life with you. A new pet comes at the time of your life when you need to care for a sweet angel that will love you unconditionally. When I first got Basil, he was the calmest pet I have ever seen. All he wants to do is cuddle, sleep, and eat. He is literally myself in dog form (insert the laughing-crying face here).

My point is whether you believe in fate or not, it's a gorgeous thing to experience. I cannot explain why things happens to me or to anyone, I believe that everything happens for a reason, to make us stronger, to test us.

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..."
-John Lennon

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