Five Reasons To Date A Girl Who Does Yoga

Five Reasons To Date A Girl Who Does Yoga


Before you start scrolling in your phone for ladies that know how to put the “aaoww” in “ohm,” there’s more to a flexible cutie than you might think. Yoga has lots of benefits from open hips to a positive attitude.  

Here, I give you some insight with help from the glamorous yogi and clean eating activist, Jordan Younger of, about the benefits of yoga, and how the ladies, (and gentlemen too, ladies!) who reap these benefits, are bound to be keepers. 

1. She is bendy and tight. The obvious, if you’re into that sort of thing. Yes, that yoga girl is probably going to be pretty flexible, with tight’n’tone core and shoulders. And anyone who knows a warrior sequence knows they already flaunt, or are in the process of attaining, a beautiful yogi booty. Flexibility is also a key component of health and a great quality to have for a longer-term relationship. It increases posture and alignment, as well as keeps muscles long and lean for exquisite longevity.

2. She doesn’t compare herself to others. Yoga girls are not afraid to beat to their own drum. They’re cool being their own best friend, and won’t give you crap about wanting bro time. Yoga breeds confidence. She knows she’s not perfect, and she doesn’t care! Some of us are afraid to be independent or different, while yoga guides us to be able to find clarity and joy within ourselves. This is very powerful, and an amazing quality to look for in that special someone.

3. She’s above all the drama. A girl who practices yoga won’t waste your time with petty drama. Yoga sutras teach focusing on the present moment, gratitude, and acceptance. A girl who practices yoga will be too busy focusing on the beauty going on in her life in that moment to be brought down by pointless rumors.

4. She can control her emotions. Intense yoga addicts are aware of how they feel and the thoughts that go through their minds. They can objectively accept those emotions so they don’t get out of control. The perk for you? They are unlikely to whine and complain. Emotions and situations will flow through her, and on those rare occasions when you might need to be there to comfort her, it won’t be anything you’d want to try and avoid.

5. It isn’t hard to make her smile. With an overall positive outlook on life, she will be ready and willing to laugh at your jokes and be playful with you, as well as have the self-assurance to do what she can to make you smile. These ladies aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. They love a good challenge and will embrace fun adventures with you by the horns. Any crazy date is bound to be a blast.

Ladies, a yoga bro is a diamond in the rough. Any guy with the confidence to admit that yoga is awesome is one you should definitely consider getting with.

Gentlemen, I hope you find that bendy cutie. If you want to do yoga, but don’t know where to start, try searching on YouTube, or download a yoga application on your smart phone. I also teach yoga at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights in MP7 at the CoRec. Buy your GroupX pass online, right now!  Namaste.

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