Five Amazing Things I’ve Noticed Since Giving Up Social Media and Television

Five Amazing Things I’ve Noticed Since Giving Up Social Media and Television

These past forty days without television, and without social media have been some of my toughest, yet most alive, days yet.

These past forty days without television, and without social media have been some of my toughest, yet most alive, days yet. It was for my Lenten promise that I decided to make the commitment of denying myself the pleasures of social media and television. In doing so I was dedicating myself to making more time for my faith, yes, but also making more time for myself and the desires of my heart in eliminating distractions. In eliminating the toxicity that comes along with overuse of these modern day technologies.

Here are five amazing things I could not have done within these past forty days without taking a step back from the illustrious pressures of todays technology-crazed society:

  • I wasn't distracted, and I was forced to deal with all my to-dos, to-day. My ability to procrastinate was substantially lessened. I was much more productive; left with time for the more important things like my relationships.
  • I was attentive—present. Through these sacrifices, I wasn’t able to look at a screen throughout my day-to-day happenings. I was compelled to notice the small things. I felt the breeze on my walk to class. I admired the old couple holding hands walking ocean-side. I took part in classroom discussion. I was doing more than simply going through the motions, like many of us (including me) are guilty of.
  • I've had more authentic moments with the people I love. By having meaningful hang-out time without the distraction of the television, or the post I've just scrolled past I’ve shared more than fleeting comfort with those in my life. I’ve shared more laughs, cries, debates, and foolishness because we are together in more than just physical togetherness.
  • I've come to love my body more. Due to the absence of the constant social media post, Netflix binge-watch-series, the hottest new movie featuring the hottest new actress, and the model I am not, I have lessened my comparisons to others. I love my body because it is unique, and mine only. Not because it looks similar to what’s trendy at the moment.
  • Lastly but most importantly, I've made time for bettering myself. Right, how ridiculous does that sound? Time in my life to better myself. But the disheartening reality is, this generation is so wrapped up in the whirlwind of fast pace, and the hottest new distraction, that we fail to take time for ourselves. Time to better ourselves. We fail to reflect on our days and think "how can I make tomorrow better?" We push our emotions to the outskirts. These past forty days I couldn't do that. I had to feel, and I had to ponder. In doing so I took the time to do the things I maybe didn't want to, but knew I should. I spent more time on my school work. I studied longer. I volunteered more. I made the effort to be kinder. I read that book I've been wanting to. I took time out for meditative prayer. And I am better for it. Key word better, not perfect. My point in this is not to brag or seem as if I think I have it all figured out. I know I do not have it all figured out. Really, I'm not sure I ever will, or if we ever can. But I do know that I am genuinely trying. Facing the music with a resolute dance. Taking time to better myself, as well as my chances for genuine, utter happiness.

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If You're A Master Of Procrastination, Try Using These 6 Ideas To Make Your Study Time Productive

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1. ​Find a quiet space

If you ever want to get anything done, you must, and I mean must, get away from all distractions. That includes your bedroom! Your bed is your first enemy when it comes to getting work done. I have found that even being in the same room as my bed prevents me from focusing on anything but laying down.

Some people go to a study room in their house. Others go to the library or a bookstore. It's completely up to you where your quiet place is as long as you find it.

2. Step away from that phone

You will not be productive if your phone is buzzing every second and social media is just a fingerprint away--or a password away, for my Android users. If you cannot practice self-control and stay off your phone, turn it off and put it in your bag.

3. Organization is key.

To-do lists are always a good start to getting things done. Planning out what needs to get done based on deadlines, priority, and amount of work, make for a smooth study time.

Time management is another tool that helps when you start to feel overwhelmed or just having a brain fart. Not everyone can work consistently for hours on end. Give yourself some time to breathe and for the juices to flow!

Use your break time to check your phone, watch a show, do some laundry, etc. Anything that can give you a nice little break from all the thinking. Though the key to breaks is, you have to end it and get back to the work!

4. Music

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5. Snacks

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On the other hand, snacks can serve as comfort food. If you're feeling down about all the work you have waited last minute to complete, comfort food is to the rescue!

6. Candles

Personally, I love a mood-setter. Sometimes setting up the room in a calming manner can help you think. Set up your favorite candles, dim the lights, and let them work their smell-good magic.

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