Years ago I used to log onto Tumblr to look at "thinspo" posts. Girls with thigh gaps, jutting collar bones, and biceps I could wrap my hand around flooded my feed. I know I'm not the only one when I say this skewed my view of my own body. I thought undernourishment was so cute.

Today we are experiencing a shift in trends. My social media now? It's full of girls crushing watermelons with their thighs, trying plant-based or whole food diets, and participating in "Lady Boss" challenges. Women are no longer afraid to weight lift because it will make them "too bulky." Women are owning the fitness industry.

I am here for this trend.

We've all seen the downside that comes with this, though— Instagram models swarming our pages with supplement sponsorship's and exercises any yahoo could do. These women are beautiful and use that as their marketing.

I am not here to talk to you about those women. I am here to highlight the women I have turned to after wasting $85.00 on a challenge that consisted of workouts I was already doing, did not focus on nutrition, did not have any weight lifting tips, and had a "coach" who was hardly responsive (even though I knew she was on her phone because her Instagram never missed a beat).

I felt good about having a "regime" and a "support group." However, I easily could have created such a system for myself if I had just done some research. Basically, I paid her for her convenience rather than for her service.

However, there are four "Fitness Instagram Girls" that I would like to highlight.

1. Grace Beverly

Known on Instagram as @gracefituk, Grace has quickly become my favorite "fitspiration." She has a killer bod, goes to school at Oxford University while successfully launching her business, and you get a great bang for your buck if you invest in her GraceFitGuide or her resistance bands, ankle straps, and barbell pads. When you purchase her resistance band or GraceFitGuide, you get free access to the Aflete app with booty burner workouts. I highly recommend this instead of a "challenge."

2. Sam James

Known as @sjamesfit, Sam does not have a challenge that she hosts nor does she post too many workout videos but she vlogs frequently about her fitness lifestyle. She's starting to dabble in weightlifting and she is doing it right. She is very focused on correct form, which I adore.

3. Nika

On Instagram she is known as @fitnika101. Similar to Sam, Nika doesn't post as many workout videos but she has an amazing challenge with a lot of positive reviews. She is a CrushFit personal trainer and nutrition coach. She frequently focuses on healthy vegan bodybuilding.

4. Jennifer Steen

Jennifer Steen, or @jennifersteen1 on instagram, is probably the most professional trainer I follow on Instagram. Jennifer has her own business, Boss Babes Athletics LLC. Her instagram is full of her own workouts and her clients'. She is a weight loss and body specialist— and it shows! She always has a transformation program going on and they include so much.

There are so many others that provide healthy inspiration. Find the girls that work best for you. Maybe join their challenge or maybe just save their videos in "collections" on Instagram. I have collections for each muscle group so that when I get to the gym I can decide what I'm training and whose video I will use.

It's awesome to pay for challenges if you feel like you need a "stake" in the matter (like a financial stake or being a possible winner) but we have so many resources available to us that you should only support their business if they are truly going to serve you.