5 Workout Routines That Are Worth Trying
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5 Workout Routines That Are Worth Trying

Fitness Marshall gives you a different type of workout routine and does not even feel like you are working out

5 Workout Routines That Are Worth Trying
Fitness Marshall

I came across a fun and interactive workout page on YouTube that I recommend to all my friends looking for a different way to workout. The Fitness Marshall uses hit songs and creates a fun routine that makes it feel that you are not even working out. There are over 90 videos that you can choose to dance to. This allows for variation, so you are not doing the same workouts every day. All these videos also allow you to challenge yourself. Caleb, who is the "instructor" of the videos, makes them so fun that at times you do not even realize that you are working out. In this article I am going to list some of my favorite videos to do. Try them out and let me know some of your favorites in the comments. Enjoy!

1. Bubble Butt

This is one of the first videos I did and I loved it. One of the many reasons that I love it is that his Grandmother is in it. She is adorable and makes the video ten times better to watch. I would recommend starting with this one because it is a good one to ease you into the routine. Click on the screenshot and it will take you right to the video.

2. Drop it Low

The title says it all, you will be dropping it low in this song. This is ranked as my number two favorite because it works from your core down. If you are like me then your stomach is your trouble area and this song is perfect for that. You do feel it, but that means that it is working. Do not be intimidated if you think that this is going to be too much for you. Challenging yourself can be worth, especially if it means you will see results. Wanna try it out? Click the picture and let your muscles feel the burn.

3. Into You

This workout works your entire body. Your arms and legs are going simultaneously. Caleb makes it entertaining and it differs from the previous two workouts that I have mentioned. That is another great thing about these workouts is that they have some of the same moves, but also differ in many ways in order to give you a well rounded workout no matter what different songs you listen to. I always incorporate this song into my workout because it is nothing like other workouts, click the picture and check it out for yourself.

4. Work

You might not understand every word of this song, but you will be able to understand the routine that is set up for you. This song involves serious arm and hand work. Your legs do get their share of the workout too, but this one is mainly all upper body. It is a fast pace song, but it is broken down for you before it is sped up. Do not be scared, click it and give it a try!

5. Sorry

I use this song as a cool down because it is a medium paced song and works every part of your body. This allows for your muscles a chance to relax after a hard workout. It is not always good to just stop after working your muscles beyond what they are used to. These are parts of my workout and can be interchangeable with any routines that you feel would work best with your stamina and your focus.

I change my routine daily so my body does not get used to one solid routine and it makes my muscles and body work that much harder. Trust me you will see results!

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