Fists Fly At Trump Rallies
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Fists Fly At Trump Rallies

What is causing the madness?

Fists Fly At Trump Rallies
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Why is it that Donald Trump's rallies attract so much drama and violence? Donald Trump is leading most of the major online polls; yet his rallies receive protestors that turn violent, see this CNN video. March 11, 2016, was the worst protest forming hundreds of people outside of where Trump was supposed to hold another rally. The protest postponed Trump's rally in Chicago. The protesters responded to the postponement, "We stopped Trump." Do people really feel this way about Donald Trump?Description:

Trump's response on the recent protests on Twitter, "The organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our First Amendment rights in Chicago, have totally energized America!" Yes, the presidential nominee only had kind words to say about the protestors. Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump's closest competition in the GOP, said previously, "In any campaign, responsibility starts at the top." Could it be that the reason for these rallies be due to Donald Trump's words of wisdom?

Now, understandably Donald Trump is under a lot of pressure. So much pressure that he has policy ideas like building a wall across the United State's and Mexican border, and then making the Mexicans pay for it. Only a man who is under the pressure Trump is would respond with that policy proposal. Maybe he had a bad day. Well, Donald claimed he was president already at the Ohio rally during a tax proposal on Carrier of 35 percent, a branch of Industrial Technologies that builds refrigerators, air conditioners and heaters. Carrier recently moved 1,400 jobs to Mexico to manufacture their goods, but Trump knows that specifically taxing Carrier will solve everything. While we need to bring manufacturing back into the United States, Trump's idea of how jobs will be brought back into the United States is not so great, again.

Maybe fists flying at Trump rallies causing disruption after disruption are not without just cause. Maybe there are people that see the superficial nature of Donald's speeches that lack foundation in his policy proposals. Maybe Donald's money and power coming into this race is not the most important issue. In order to "Make America great again," we need to see that America is already great, and our president should fit the role as Commander in Chief and not Businessman in Chief.

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