23 Thoughts You Have During Your First Year of Adulting

We’ve all had our moments. You know, those “Where’s Mom and Dad when I need them?” moments. It’s not easy living on your own, and as a newborn adult, you may not have all the knowledge you need to survive the big world just yet. The biggest lesson you will probably learn is that nothing is free. Like, nothing. Here are a few thoughts you've most likely had during your first year of adulting.

1. “Is it bad if I wash all my clothes in the same load?”

2. “If only there was a dishwasher in this building.”

3. “Great. All my white clothes are pink.”

4. “Who is really going to buy my used books?”

5. “The fridge is empty already.”

6. “I’m so broke.”

7. “Why are avocados so expensive?”

8. “I should eat more fruit.”

9. “I have to save my money for lunch.”

10. “I really hope Mom sends a care package soon.”

11. “That’s my ‘not clean, but not dirty’ pile.”

12. “I want it, but I know I shouldn’t.”

13. “I have to make my own doctor’s appointment?”

14. “I should write a thank-you card.”

15. “Why is medicine so expensive?”

16. “The trash has been full for two weeks.”

17. “Can I use a shoe box to deliver my stuff?”

18. “I have to look for an apartment already?”

19. “I don’t know what questions to ask on an apartment tour...”

20. “Thankfully I don’t have to pay for Netflix. Yet.”

21. “I can’t afford that right now.”

22. “There’s no measuring cup so just guesstimate.”

23. "I. Am. Broke."

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