7 Ways To Get Through Your First Week Of College As An Out-Of-State Student

7 Ways To Get Through Your First Week Of College As An Out-Of-State Student

Ways to get through the scary yet exciting first week on your own.


Going to college out of state can be hard, this is how I got through my first week of freshman year.

1. Go to all freshman welcome events.

Move-in day and the following weeks are filled with plenty of events designed to help you get involved and acclimated to your new school. By going to these events, you get yourself out of your dorm so you can meet new people. Even though some freshman activities can seem lame, they're crawling with others who are just as nervous as you.

2. Introduce yourself to everyone.

Chances are no matter how many friends a person is coming to college with, they're hoping to meet more people. Introduce yourself to everyone in your hall and that you meet in passing. The more friendly faces, the better. No, most of these people won't be your best friends and you might not talk again after the first week, but it never hurts to put yourself out there just a little.

3. FaceTime your hometown friends.

Even though you may be states away, your best friends are always there for you. Tell them about the cute boy you met two floors up or rave about how good the dining hall chicken nuggets are. Keep each other close no matter how far away you are.

4. Bring pieces of your home with you.

I decorated my freshman dorm with pictures of my high school cheer team and the Maryland flag. Just because you are out of state doesn't mean you can't show off where you came from. Having a little bit of familiarity will make you feel more at home right away.

5. Call your parents, but not too much.

They want to hear from you. They're excited to hear about all your new experiences and accomplishments. However, this is also your time to figure things out for the first time. Gaining independence is exciting and will make the transition even easier.

6. Know it’s normal to feel homesick.

Everyone experiences a feeling of homesickness whether they want to admit it or not. College is an adjustment and its okay to be nervous or miss your hometown. Everyone goes through it. Allow yourself to feel sad but don't dwell too much about it and enjoy your new life at college.

7. Keep yourself as busy as possible.

Keeping myself busy was the biggest way I was able to get through the transition of moving out of state. Whether you decide to join Greek Life or throw yourself into a new club, find a way to keep yourself distracted from missing home as long as possible. Before you know it, your freshman year will be over and you'll thank yourself for getting involved.

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