First Relationship, Still a Virgin, at 21
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First Relationship, Still a Virgin, at 21

Update to Single and a Virgin at 21

First Relationship, Still a Virgin, at 21

All of you reading this title are probably rather surprised by the first part of it. Yes, I am officially in my first relationship which will be hitting its two-month mark on June 6th. I’ve kept it relatively quiet because my girlfriend and I don’t really see the need to blast it everywhere. As a first timer to this realm of life, it has been quite wonderful. There have been ups and downs, but nothing horrible. Playful arguments, being there for each other through tough situations and motivating each other to get things done. In reality, I didn’t think I would ever be in a relationship. I didn’t come into this year thinking “I am finally going to date because I am on my own!” No… That thought never actually inhibited my mind. But, who knew I would meet my girlfriend only one month into being in Baltimore, Maryland. That was a shock and a half. However, I have been incredibly happy ever since then. She is absolutely stunning and we fit like two peas in a pod.

Now, I know there are also probably the few (or many) that are saying I only feel like this because it is my first ever relationship. You guys aren’t the only ones. I’ve been told that to my face and you guys could be right, I won’t doubt anyone. However, I’m not going to downplay the relationship just because of other people’s experiences. So I’ll take it as it goes and will probably write another article in a few months to see where this leads! I should probably just start a blog about this actually because it is really entertaining to write about. Some of you are probably wondering about her name and all that jazz, but, I’m going to keep that to myself. What I will say is that the one thing that caught me completely off guard was when she told me her eyes change from blue, to green, to grey, and then sometimes even red. Yes… you read that correctly! I didn’t believe it at first until I saw myself. It was a little creepy, but absolutely hilarious at the same time. She used to love Twilight so her extremely pale skin, red eyes, and black hair make her fit in.

I have done basically the exact opposite of what I thought I would do for my potential first relationship. Some people already know this, but most do not. I said I would never try to find someone online; that happened. I said I would never date long distance; that happened. I said for quite some time that I just basically would never date anyone; that certainly happened. The one thing we both find really funny is that I am the virgin in the relationship even though I am the older one. Her friends thought I was extremely clueless to the realm of sex since I have that tag over my head. Personally, I found that a little harsh, but it’s all in good fun. If I had been writing this about two years ago I would not be saying any of the things I am saying now because I was so incredibly paranoid with what other individuals thought. Now I don’t really care that much. If you don’t like the conversation of sex, log off the article! Not that I am really going to say much about it, but people can get a little nervous sometimes.

There is really nothing wrong with sex as long as you use protection. If you don’t, well then that’s on you and I bid you good luck in the potential pregnancy department. I find it really intriguing that she actually wants to wait. She wants to “respect” the fact that I am a virgin and wait until I am “ready”. Well, that has lead to a lot of really interesting conversations between the two of us that have often ended in me on the floor laughing really hard. In all seriousness though, she wants to wait for herself as well and I am completely okay with that. I’ve gone 21 years without sex, no reason why I can’t go any further than that. Personally… I think that the women should have the most fun in bed. I would rather please a woman all night than the other way around. That’s just me. I mean, come on guys, they do so much for us that we need to try our hardest to please them. (Inserts little note about female equality here) We shouldn’t be sitting on our butts and expect them to do all the work. That’s just my opinion though. Go twiddle your thumbs some where else if you don’t agree. Surprisingly, while my girlfriend loves the idea, she still wants to keep it 50/50 to be fair. So there’s that.

I think the one thing that we butt heads on the most is that I want to pay for everything, but she wants to pay for everything as well. Then, when it comes to birthdays and holidays, I want to buy her a gift but she doesn’t want me to and then it is the same the other way around. It’s basically a lose-lose situation which always leads to really funny arguments because we end up at a constant stale mate with no resolution. We both try to come up with a compromise, and then it falls apart. So it’ll be fun to see where this matter leads in the future. I did buy her a slightly expensive birthday gift to which she said she is now good for the year and that I better not spend any more money on her. Buttttttt... I'm still going to buy her other little gifts because that's what I do. Some people might find this extremely annoying, but I find it really entertaining because we are constantly at it on a daily basis.

Just like in my last article, I would like to address all the individuals who may be in the same realm as me. It feels... strange, doesn't it? After all this time the words "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" are finally coming out of your mouth in a meaningful way. You are no longer just tossing the idea around or joking about it. You are in a true relationship, one in which we all hope will last for quite some time. I mean, everyone would like to be one and done, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. That is completely okay though! That's just life. While it felt strange at first, you began to get used to saying those words and eventually it goes from strange to interesting and you feel complete. As if that missing piece of you that maybe you never thought was gone, has magically set itself in place in your heart. Where you once thought that being single and third wheeling was the time of your life, you now understand why so many people hate being single. It is just a ton of fun to be able to enjoy life with a significant other there with you.

For me, these past two months have been a heck of a joyride. I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m the type that will wake up early just to send a good morning message to my girlfriend before she goes to work and will stay up late to send a goodnight message if she works late. I've been doing this for about two weeks now and because of that I officially wake up without an alarm around 5:30am everyday. This will be great once I get back to work! However, I am not being forced into doing it, this is just who I am. I think the woman should be the constant focus of the relationship and should always be held in a higher regard than the man, but there should still be equal ground in the relationship as well. Basically, respecting each other’s thoughts while also treating her with the upmost respect. That is purely my opinion which has lead to some folks saying that I am totally whipped in this relationship. My girlfriend laughs so hard at that idea because we both know that is completely false, but it makes life entertaining. So for now, I bid you all farewell until the next update!

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