My First Job

I recently got my first job working as a camp counselor for the town that I live in. Although I have been 19-years-old for a while now, the day I was hired was the day when I truly felt like a real adult because this was going to be my first job working five-days a week, eight-hours a day.

My parents didn't really push me to work while I was in school because I was an athlete in high school, and now in college my parents decided that they only wanted me to focus on school and sports. But now that I’m out on summer break it was the perfect time for me to get a job.

Since being a camp counselor is my first job ever, I was extremely nervous on the first day. I know that caring for someone’s children is a big responsibility. I didn’t want to mess up or have the kids not like me.

At first, I really was questioning if I was cut out to work as a camp counselor for the rest of the summer. I had been given the 10-year-olds to the 13-year-olds, which I guess is the new age where they don’t think it’s cool enough to play games like kick ball and play at the park. As well as the occasional talking back and wanting to do whatever they want, because they think that they are old enough to do so, at the end of the day, I honestly did not think that any of my kids liked me since they didn’t want to listen whatsoever. So it was definitely a challenge for me.

But as the week went on, I got to know them and they got to know me. And things got better day by day. Something that I came to love was spending time with all age groups, because not only was I able to spend time with the younger kids, I was able to get to know them as well. I was able to learn their names and what they liked to do when they were home or what their favorite TV show was.

I believe the one thing that I loved most about my job was the people that I work with. Although we are all different ages, we still all have such a great time together while we are at work. I believe I not only gained co-workers but friends.

My first job has taught me so much about myself. One important thing it has showed me is that I can be vocal and that I should never be scared to say anything. And I know its cliché to say, but I already know this job is going to change me.

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