The first day back to school is the best and worst of a college students life. Showing up to class and not doing a damn thing is amazing, but showing up to class and listening to your professor go on for two hours about the semester and the stress that'll follow is the worst.

The highs and lows of syllabus week, and any week really, have one thing in common: they can all be told by GIFs! Cheers to GIFs, syllabus week, and the semester that is before us!

1. Pre-Syllabus week party

2. The morning after that party

3. Mentally preparing for school the next day

4. Mentally preparing with something to take the edge off

5. Struggling to fall asleep

6. Waking up the next morning for the first day of the semester

7. When your roommates asked how you slept

8. Walking to class and realizing that you haven't walked this much since last semester

9. Getting situated in lecture

10. Five minutes later...

11. Waking up from that nap and not knowing what's going on or where you are

12. Finally finishing classes for the day and going back home

13. Starting your homework

14. Five minutes later...

15. Eating after a long day of napping, crying, and pretending to listen to your professors talk about the course expectations

16. 30 minutes later...

17. When your roommate's asked you how your day was

18. Finally going to bed after the longest day ever

19. Waking up the next day and realizing you have to do it all again for the next 16 weeks

Cheers to the first day back and cheers to the second semester!