My Crazy First Day Back In The US After 4 Months Abroad
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Student Life

My Crazy First Day Back In The US After 4 Months Abroad

My first day back in California after an entire semester in Europe.

My Crazy First Day Back In The US After 4 Months Abroad
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Last night my family and I arrived from Dublin back to Calfornia. The 10 and a half hour flight was not so bad, only a few hours more than what I would fly from California to school in Ohio. It was interesting being back in the US with a new perspective after having been abroad for the semester.

Beginning with the moment of getting off the aircraft, everything was so much louder than Europe. People yelled to one another and speakers blared all around the airport. I now truly understand why other countries call Americans so noisy. The atmosphere was much more lively; people aren't meandering around but have a purpose on where they need to walk. In Ireland, it was a much different way of going on. I also forgot about sales tax. I went to go buy some frozen yogurt the other day, and it cost $3.50. I went up to the register with exact change ready only to be told I owed an additional 33 cents.

Unfortunately, I slept about three to four hours during the flight, so getting adjusted to the eight hour time difference has been tricky. This morning I woke up at 2:30 am. I eventually fell back asleep, but then woke once more around 3 am. Unable to rest any longer, I got up and began unpacking my suitcases from our trip and was already hungry for breakfast. After, I began going through old clothes to assess what outfits needed to be altered before I head over to Chicago for my summer internship.

Today's to-do list is packed. My sister left no leisure time from our arrival to getting back into daily routines. First, we have several different appointments for the dentist, doctor, etc. After, Renee (my sister) and I are going to driving up to see our grandmother for lunch and then going to move furniture to her new house at school. Busy, busy. I'm sure I'll be exhausted by the late afternoon, but there are still several other things I would like to get done.

The first few things all involved food, of course. I haven't had decent Mexican food in months, and that will only continue this summer as I won't be in Southern California. Rudy's Taco Shop, Taco Stand and El Pueblo better prepare for a daily visitor for this upcoming fives.

Next, I also have to pack and prepare for my own internship and departure. I'll be moving across the country to Chicago and working as a summer intern for ConceptDrop! I couldn't be more thrilled! Despite this, there are still many things I have to get done. I have to get a lot of my clothes altered before the end of the week and also get new ones for my job. I also have all my doctors appointments and need to update the prescriptions of my contacts and glasses. On top of all this, I have to coordinate transportation and purchase passes for the metro and train so I'm able to commute to work every day in addition to figuring out that routine.

As you can see, there is no break time for the Haerle family; we are constantly moving and going on to the next event in our very busy and eventful lives. Though I will miss Ireland and the rest of Europe dearly, I am ready for what is ahead of me this summer. I'm now looking forward to the adventures I will have within my own country.

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