Fire, Fire and Ice: A Tribute To Fall
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Fire, Fire and Ice: A Tribute To Fall

A simple poem about the beauty in death and change

Fire, Fire and Ice: A Tribute To Fall

Fire, fire and ice,

burning red, gold against empty blue.

At once dull and bright,

flames flicker in the wind.

Each breath filled with the scent;

thick must and decay,

new becoming old underfoot,

flames slowly trembling into soot.

Touch and feel the smooth descent,

of flame and fire down into death;

more beautiful than in life,

a tribute to nature in each breath.

A new wind stirs and bends,

crisp with the promise of change.

Biting, nipping, burning frost

will soon signal fires end.

Every year the flames return

bringing vibrant life as they burn

First with a fierce resounding shout

but with frosted whispers, they die out.

So with every lazy breeze

of the fall leaves, take heed

for the end of the season will soon be near

and the death of colored life so dear.

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