Growing up in a family where my grandmother has more than 100 grand kids... you seem to have lots and lots of cousins to play with at every get together. Unfortunately for me, everyone was either too old or too young for me. That means there are many times where I would hang with family and because they are so much older, I don't fit in just as best as everyone else does. There's only one cousin that is around my age.. and luckily, she's turned out to be my best-est friend since we were little!

As corny as it sounds, I am so grateful and thankful that we got so close throughout our entire lives and when we needed it most. As individuals, we have grown SO much within the past years! It's so crazy to watch each other grow and develop and make new opportunities happen for us both and still be by each other's side every step of the way.

Thank you for always being there when I need you. Thank you for trying out what it's like to join the Disney side and be a passholder with me. Thank you for dealing with all of my crazy and loud moments. Lastly, thank you for being like a sister to me.

I am so excited for all of the adventures and future goals we have and are waiting to accomplish. I wish us both the best and hope to make all of our dreams and goals come true.


Princess J