Shopping In Tallahassee Made Easy, Even Without a Car

Not having a car on campus at FSU does not have many downsides due to the close proximity of most hangout spots, but things start to get tricky when you want to go shopping.

Although it seems like the mall is your best bet to find the perfect outfit, pair of shoes or accessories, there are many boutiques and stores that have everything you are looking for.

If you don't have transportation to get you to the mall, here are five stores that are walking distance from campus.

1. Tally and Fin Beach Boutique.

Tally and Fin, located in College Town on West Madison Street, is your best bet to find the perfect swimsuit. This boutique not only carries a large selection of bathing suits in unique colors and styles but also sells sunglasses, jewelry, and beach bags in order to create a stylish beach-inspired outfit.

2. Urban Outfitters.

One of the biggest retail stores near FSU is Urban Outfitters which is located on South Woodward Avenue. The Urban Outfitters in Tallahassee carries a wide variety of apparel ranging from lounge to formal wear. If you aren't looking for anything in particular, browsing through the many sections of Urban Outfitters is sure to give you style inspiration.

3. Henri Girl.

Whether you need specific platforms or an outfit set, you are sure to find something to flatter you at Henri Girl. Located on West Madison Street, Henri Girl is the perfect store to find going-out apparel. If you want to purchase a stylish outfit for a fun night out, make sure to consider the wide range of jeans, shorts, and blouses that Henri Girl offers.

4. Barefoot Campus Outfitters.

If you need the perfect game day outfit or simply want cute FSU apparel, look no further than Barefoot Campus Outfitters, located in College Town on West Madison Street. Not only can you find comfortable FSU sweatshirts, t-shirts, and bottoms at Barefoot Campus Outfitters, they also offer customizations for many of the products in-store so that individuals can rock unique outfits throughout FSU's football season.

5. Ooh La La Boutique. 

Ooh La La Boutique is located on Gaines Street, which is no more than a 15-minute walk from FSU's campus. This boutique carries many fashionable rompers, skorts, skirts, and dresses that are perfect for a dinner date or semi-formal occasion. If you are searching for a specific occasional outfit, make sure to browse through this boutique first.

These stores can accommodate unique styles of fashion and are great additions to the area around campus. If you do not have a car and need to do some shopping, visit these five places on foot before trying to find a ride somewhere further.

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