Finding a Summer Job: As Told By Harry Potter

Finding a summer job can be a long and stressful task for college students. It takes a lot of time and energy to fill out all the applications and drive around to all the interviews only to be turned down. Finding a job can be a hard thing to do, but it's important to keep believing in yourself and keep moving forward; you'll find a job eventually. So here are the 15 stages of the ever-so-stressful summer job hunt, as explained by the magical world of Harry Potter.

1. Finding the motivation to actually start looking for a job.

Good for you. Some people don't even make it this far.

2. Spending hours combing through lists of job postings.

It can be stressful. Online job postings, want ads in papers, talking to friends to see if they know of any jobs. There are so many options.

3. Going through hundreds of listings and getting discouraged because you don't meet the qualifications for more than half of them.

A lot of jobs want someone who already has experience in whatever job it is. The key is to find the job that is willing to give you that experience.

4. You finally find a few jobs that you could handle and enjoy doing.

You finally find a small handful of jobs that you are qualified for that don't involve scrubbing out bedpans in the hospital wing, or polishing trophies with Filch.

5. You get out your 'bloody brilliant' resume and start to apply for those jobs.

You have to put your best foot forward, on paper that is.

6. You think all your hard work has finally paid off because you got an interview.

After all the searching and filling out applications, you're over the moon about finally getting an interview.

7. The mini pep talk you give yourself in the mirror before heading to your interview.

You got this, just relax.

8. Getting to your interview and knocking it out of the park.

Just like Weasley is our king, *insert your last name here * is our king/queen!

9. Walking out of that interview thinking "how could they not hire me?"

You are the chosen one.

10. Stressing more and more until you get the call from your potential employer.

You look back on your interview, that you thought you rocked. But now you start second-guessing everything you said and did, and you start to panic.

11. When you don't hear back for a week and you convince yourself of the worst.

By now it's been a week and you start to assume the worst possible outcome, that you're never going to get a call.

12. When you finally get the call back offering you the job.

You had nothing to worry about, you really were the chosen one.

13. You decide that you deserve a night with your friends to celebrate getting the job.

Any excuse to get together with your friends you'll take it.

14. Getting nervous before your first day, hoping that you like the job and don't mess up.

You didn't make an unbreakable vow, so you really don't have anything to worry about.

15. Starting the job and making friends, you realize you might actually like it there. Or that you can, at least, tolerate it.

It's a summer job. Have fun and make some friends, but still work hard.

Finding a summer job can be a difficult task, but remember to keep your head up. You'll find one eventually.

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