Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

Every girl grows up dreaming and hoping that the man she will one day marry will possess the same enchanting traits as the “dreamy” men seen in movies.


Every girl grows up dreaming and hoping that the man she will one day marry will possess the same enchanting traits as the “dreamy” men seen in movies. Each girl soon finds out that it takes date after date and year after year to meet the man of her dreams. However hard it may be to find the perfect man, the man of every girl’s dreams is out there waiting, and when the time is right, he will get down on one knee and ask his girl to marry him. From that second on, the girl will realize she’s the luckiest girl in the world thanks to all the traits that makes her new fiance such a wonderful man.

He’s her number one supporter. Life is filled with challenges and obstacles. Having someone there to support you through your smart and not-so-smart choices tends to make your journey through life a little bit easier. Having an all-the-time cheerleader can make you feel like a superstar.

He’s patient. Girls are moody and mean. Finding a Mr. Right who is patient enough to deal with their temper tantrums and rude comments is sure to tell them that he’s a keeper. Also, girls can be quite annoying. Constant poking, pinching, or tickling would get old real fast. Finding a significant other patient enough to deal with all of that annoyingness would be the topping on the cake.

He’s best friends with your siblings. You know it’s meant to be when your sister and your fiance talk almost as much as you and your sister talk. Their endless road trips along with the endless memories they’ve made together are two things that help you feel 100% sure when sealing the deal. They’ve already become siblings, and you’re not even married yet.

He’s been a part of your family, and you’ve been a part of his family since the beginning. Sometimes accepting a significant other into your family can be very difficult. Sometimes, you find your family and even you mocking him once he’s left a family event. However, if both of your families have been accepting of your significant other since the beginning of your journey, it is meant to be. You’re already a part of each other’s families, so why not make it official with marriage?

He has a great sense of humor. Cracking jokes and laughing at the interesting things in life make him a great catch. Girls, especially me, often tend to stress about little things in life. Having a significant other who can laugh and enjoy life helps put some of your stress at ease.

He may not be the “dreamy” man out of the movies, but once you’ve found your real-life dreamy man who possesses enchanting traits, hold onto him. Take time to acknowledge the traits that make him such a wonderful person. He deserves nothing but the best because after all, he is marrying you, and by marrying you, he is accepting all of your enchanting traits and your not-so-enchanting traits, and it is this that makes him better than any fictional “dreamy” movie man.
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