You've graduated, you have the paper that proves you know what you know, and everything else is going pretty good. The only concern that you can think of off the top of your head is that small, racing chill of loneliness that prods you in the brain stem when you least expect it, and it seems to be happening on a regular basis that is downright unsettling. "It would be nice to have a companion," you think to yourself, in your otherwise empty home, "Perhaps I should try and find one?" Here are a few bits of advice regarding such an endeavor.

Start looking wherever you feel comfortable, but be aware of the risks associated with each locale. A bar or a club has plenty of people, however not all will be looking for a relationship, and the ones that are aren't the greatest partners most of the time. Work has a decent number of people, some of whom you see on a regular basis, and gives you a better environment to develop personal rapport, however it's better to keep your work life and your romantic life separate in the event that it doesn't go well on either side. A hobby or class can be the best way to meet someone, as you can find something to bond over almost immediately and know something that you can do together whenever, but there is always the possibility that that is the only thing you two can bond over (which can be enough, but is more likely to lead to stagnation in the relationship). Meeting people online is easier and safer than ever, and there are algorithms that can assist in helping you find a good partner, but they usually cost a subscription and can sometimes take months to work for you.

Make it easier for yourself in the long run. When searching for a partner, try to minimize factors that could cause friction (the bad kind) in the relationship. Try to date outside of your coworker and friend pools. You don't want relationship troubles to make your workplace or your friend group uncomfortable, for you or the people around you. Try to find somebody with similar interests to yours, this will give the two of you something to bond over as you get to know one another. Make sure that the two of you mesh together well in lifestyle and life goals. If you want to move out of your state some day, make sure that they'd be amenable to that as well. Make sure you know what makes you upset and also things you do that make other people upset. Be willing to sacrifice a standard or two, but know the things that you absolutely cannot live without in a partner.

It's a lot to think about and is difficult to put into words. This has honestly been a lot more stream of consciousness than I would have liked, so I'll try and be deliberate with my last few words on the subject: A good partner for you is out there, but you must know yourself and what you really want out of a relationship. It can be tough sometimes, but you can make it easier for yourself if you just think, make smart decisions and observations, and have some fun while you're at it. You are yourself the most when you're having fun, and yourself is who people fall in love with.