This generation has become so dry lately. We prefer to use texting rather than seeing people face to face. We solve our conflicts by texting about it rather than having a real conversation with each other. Dating apps have become the norm for meeting significant others, scratch that, I mean people to "hang out" with.

We aren't in tact with our emotions, but rather just fake it. We fake things that shouldn't ever be faked. We pretend to feel something when in reality we don't feel a thing.

Where did the love go?

Where did those friday date nights that I constantly hear older generations reminiscing about go? Why can't we go back to that time?

I don't fully understand to this day why "Netflix and Chill" has become the new norm for our generation instead of going to the movies or even just a cheap dinner date.

We've lost the love somewhere along the way. Somewhere we stopped caring about getting to know each other but rather just jump into things that at the end of the day just leave you feeling more lonely than you ever did before.

We need to calm down a bit. This generation needs to realize that this is not how its suppose to be or should be. You're not too busy to date, you just are looking in the wrong places for the wrong thing. You shouldn't be looking for just a good time or even be looking on apps for anything relationship wise.

These things take time. You don't just fall in love with someone after one meet and you don't just into a relationship after a week of knowing someone.

It takes time and patience. Everyone will find the person for them but the way this generation is going, it'll probably take way longer.