Find Your 'Let Go' Point
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Find Your 'Let Go' Point

The moment you say, "No more," is the moment you allow yourself to explore deeper into who you are without restrictions.

Find Your 'Let Go' Point

In business, it's often said you need to declare a "walk away" point, this meaning that before you go into an interview, negotiation or meeting, you need to be mentally prepared to know when the deal is no longer valuable.

When one side of the deal can no longer provide satisfaction, the other must be mentally prepared to walk away. Often this can be difficult to determine, as many business people are known to have persuasive abilities that draw you into what they want you to agree to at the end of the day. You have to be confident and determined to achieve your goals -- and not be persuaded otherwise.

In everything you do, you have to have a "let go" point.

Having a "let go" point goes beyond business deals and salespeople. It's in everything -- your relationships, your education, your passions.

You have to have the faith to know when a situation is no longer benefitting you. You have to be able to recognize when it is hurting you instead of creating the love it once did. You have to have the strength to say "no more" and walk away. You have to be able to let go.

Often the hardest moment is when you find yourself so involved, so passionate about one thing. You have invested countless hours and emotions toward this one aspect of your life only to eventually realize it was hurting you more than it was bettering you.

However, even when you discover that it's draining you, you might still not walk away. You keep telling yourself, "It has to get better," or, "It was beautiful once, it can come back," but the worst and most painful part is realizing it won’t.

You have to let go.

You have to let go of what it once was because it isn’t that anymore. The boy you fell in love with, the one who your parents thought was the one, is not the same guy you first fell for. He is who is, and you can’t change him. The game you invested your entire high school career in isn’t as rewarding as it once was; in fact, it is probably draining any energy you have left in your body. The career you dreamed of might not seem as glamorous anymore, but you worked your entire life for it so you have to stick with it, right?

Realizing that something you worked so hard for didn’t end up how you dreamed it would is perhaps one of the worst moments a person could experience. However, it is also the most liberating.

The moment you say, "No more," the moment you say, "I am better than this," is the moment you allow yourself to explore deeper into who you are without restrictions. You can find a person who will treat you on your two-year anniversary how they did on your first date. You can find an organization to dedicate your time to instead of a sport. You can find the path you actually love instead of what others told you to do.

Finding your "let go" point is so much more than knowing when to walk away. It is realizing you are better and stronger than the pain. It is the moment you realize you are capable of so much more. Your potential is endless when you decide to let go of what is holding you back. It might hurt like hell, and it might take several tries, but I promise you that you can do it.

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