Finals week has arrived. Freedom is so close yet so far away. All you have left is a few tests and papers then you are headed home for the holidays. Your friends are here to cheer you up, so smile, you're almost there.

1. Realizing that finals week is actually here.

2. When you look at a test and see something you never learned in class.

3. Realizing that your study guide didn't help.

4. Trying to make up your presentation as you go.

5. When you come back from your final and your friends ask how you are.

6. When someone asks you to do literally anything after you just took a final.

7. Looking at your final grades like...

8. When you head to the convenience store and buy everything to use up the rest of your dining dollars.

9. When you wake up, eat breakfast, and take a nap.

10. Taking your last final like...

11. When your roommate walks in on you celebrating after your last final.

12. Saying goodbye to your friends for the break.

13. When you finally get to head home.