Summer is right around the corner, you can practically taste it. The only thing standing in between you and the beach is the dreaded finals week. A time where your soul leaves your body and you take up residence in the library. Sleep becomes non-existent and coffee becomes your only caloric intake.

Moulin Rouge accurately depicts all of us college students' struggles during this never-ending week such as....

1. Trying To Figure Out Where The Semester Went

Where did the time go? Why aren't there any more grades to help boost my average? Is it too late to go back in time?

2. Trying To Convince Yourself It's All Going To Be OK

It's fine. It is all fine.

3. Trying To Get An Extension On A Paper

Putting off that paper to the last possible moment may not have been your best idea, especially on top of exams. Oops. At this point, singing to your teacher may be the only way to get that extension.

4. After Another All-Nighter In The Library

Break is oh so close. Soon you'll be able to escape all of this madness and rejoin the world outside, but that day is not today...

5. When You Can No Longer Fight Back The Tears

Once they come, there is no stopping. But hey, at least you still have enough of a soul to cry right?

6. When You Get That Final Grade Back

Well, that escalated quickly.

7. Waking Up And Realizing The Amount Of Studying You Have Ahead Of You

It's easy to forget about all the responsibilities that lie ahead of you in your sleep, but the panic starts to set in the minute you wake up.

8. Trying To Rationalize Your Lack Of Desire To Study

Can I switch my major to love?

9. Seeing The Exam And Realizing You Studied All The Wrong Material

Memorizing the cardiovascular system turned out just to be for fun because there was not even one question on it. Oh what joy.

10. The Endless Hours Spent Trying To Figure Out How Poorly You Can Do On An Exam In Order To Pass The Class

The odds are not in your favor, so hopefully the curve will be. Is it too late to quit school?

11. When That Topic The Professor Said Wouldn't Be On The Exam Shows Up Anyway

Did you really just do that? I don't think so.

12. When You Briefly Think You Have Everything Under Control And Know All Of The Material

Oh, there's another page to the study guide? Well, didn't see that one coming.

13. When You Are Finally Done

You are done. You are free. But what does one do with all of this free time?