It's that time of year again. The coffee is brewing and college kids are stressing. I'm talking about finals. What better way to culminate a great semester and year than with a bunch of high-stress tests? The last few weeks of the semester are always the worst, but that just makes it even better when they are over.

1. Ending classes thinking you have all the material down.

2. When a professor gives a study guide beforehand.

3. When the professor says the final is cumulative.

4. And they tell you that "you can't study for the final in one night."

5. Encouraging a friend who is taking a class you've already taken.

6. Realizing that you actually don't remember anything from the beginning of the semester...or the middle, or end.

7. When there isn't enough hours in the day to study, so you have to improvise.

8. That low point when you feel like you want to drop out.

9. Two and a half hour finals are too long if there isn't any food.

10. At least you have your friends there going through finals with you.

11. When you actually take the final and it's easy.

12. Knowing it's over and it's officially summer break