Finals As Vines

Here's how I feel Finals week is going, in Vine form.

1. Denial

Finals? What are those? Those aren't coming up soon! They're in December, they're so far away! Totally not approaching faster and faster every second!!!

2. Anger

Once you realize finals ARE in fact closer than they appear, the anger sets in. How DARE your professors assign so many projects! How DARE they make the page limit so long!

3. Bargaining 

Please, I'll do anything. Anything. Just please let me pass.

4. Depression

When you finally realize all hope is gone, no one can help you now, you're in too deep.

5. Acceptance 

You accept that you're either going to miraculously pass or fail horribly. And honestly, you find yourself not caring which outcome becomes reality because, as so eloquently stated (and danced!) above, we all die in the end anyway. Accept it.

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