Should Deception Be Renewed?
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We Sent Over 1,000 Decks Of Cards To The Producers Of 'Deception' So That It Comes Back On Air

Here's to all the fans who are hoping that we were just deceived when ABC cancelled Deception.

We Sent Over 1,000 Decks Of Cards To The Producers Of 'Deception' So That It Comes Back On Air

I started watching "Deception" because my Mom introduced me to it. I faintly remember seeing a commercial before my Mom mentioned it and being intrigued, but the commercial didn't stick.

Once I started watching though, I was hooked. This show has magic, crime, action, comedy, intrigue, mystery and it's family friendly! The cast is great and the plot-line so far has been amazing!

But, sadly, barely into it's first season, we find out that "Deception" has been canceled. You imagine my disappointment. And to make matters worse, they left us with a cliffhanger. So not only has it ended, but we, the fans, are now left with so many unanswered questions.

So like any self respecting fans, we took to twitter. We have been lighting up twitter with tweets since the last episode aired in May.

We've gotten together as fans (aka: Deceptioners) and raised money to send 1,056 decks of cards to Ben Sherwood and Disney-ABC Television Group with the message #SaveDeception.

We've thought about and acted on so many different ways to get the word out there that this is a show worth saving. We've watched and re-watched episodes of "Deception". We've had tweet parties and are currently planning to have more. We are voting for "Deception" in the TV Scoop Awards. We are flooding ABC's twitter with tweets. I have tweeted and retweeted so many #Deception posts, it's crazy.

Fan art has been created, YouTube videos are all over the place, FanFiction has even been written, AND we've reached over 16,000 signatures on a petition to renew "Deception"!

Fans are sending letters, decks of cards, coins, anything that we can think of to open ABC's eyes and get our show back.

I'm even working on some cards of my own to send.

It is our hope that ABC or any other networks will see just how much this show is loved and continue the story from where we left off. As well as that they'll see how much potential this show has and the strength of the fan-base that has been created.

We want "Deception" to be renewed because we recognize the high quality of the show, the interest that this show has created, and the need for more shows like this.

On that note, so many good crime shows have been cancelled, ended, or are just dying.

Take "NCIS" for example. I loved "NCIS", but when DiNozzo left, I feel like the show started to die. Now Abby is leaving, so who knows how much longer it will last. "Burn Notice" ended back in 2013, but boy was that a good show.

"The Mentalist" also ended. That was a solid law enforcement/consultant show. "White Collar" ended. I loved that show. "Castle" is no more... *sad sigh*

"Bones" ended and the spin off "The Finder" didn't last long.

So many good shows are gone and now there is just this great big space left open for shows like "Deception". I, along with all the other fans, really hope that ABC or other networks won't squander the opportunity that "Deception" presents them with.

We hope that they will make the choice to continue "Deception" and give it the chance it deserves!

If you want to aid in the fight for "Deception", please go follow @DeceptionABC, @RenewDeception, @renewdeceptionn, and @Save_Deception_ on twitter! You can also follow "Deception" on Facebook!

Also, write letters to Ben Sherwood and go watch "Deception" on ABC!

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