I used to hate baths. Really, I despised them. I thought they were gross, a wast of time, and the people who were obsessed with taking them were weird and pretentious.

Well, if liking baths makes me weird and pretentious, then I am as weird and pretentious as they come—and proud of it. (But, for the record, it doesn't.) I feel like baths are a lost art, a simple luxury that people have forgotten existed. They aren't just for vacations and for unwinding after horrible days, but instead should be woven into our daily or weekly routine so that we can benefit from all of the amazing benefits and positive effects that come with them.

1. You get physically cleaner. It's a common misconception that taking a bath means seeping ones own body in hot water and then floating around in your own filth. I can't blame you! That sounds absolutely disgusting to me. But it is a misconception, because baths actually make you cleaner. Don't believe me? Well, your loss. That 'floating around'? It's actually giving your skin the chance to soak, so that when you scrub, you scrub off all of your dead skin cells. The water from a shower merely rinses a few loose ones off.

2. You get clean mentally. Every time you take a bath, you actually help boost your brain power. (I would know, I took one before I wrote this.) Not only are you taking the time to calm your mind, but a few droplets of essential oils (such as sage or almond) can actually improve your memory. Cool, right?

3. You get clean emotionally. It doesn't take a genius to know that people who take a couple moments to themselves every day decreased stress levels, and what better opportunity than during a nice, long, quiet bath? Float weightlessly, soak in the warmth, and relax. You'll emerge in not only a better mood, but more confident and ready to take on the stress of daily life, guaranteed.

4. Baths are AMAZING for circulation. How? Well, being submerged in water essentially takes your heart for a workout, because it has to pump harder to combat the pressure of water on our skin. No, that is not dangerous. It's just a healthy habit to get used to from time to time.

5. You will sleep better. When your body goes from a warm bath to cool air, it naturally thinks 'bed time'. Isn't that so cool? If you have been feeling a little like an insomniac lately, then try a relaxing bath at night time to help induce sleep. (A few drops of lavender oil will definitely help too!)

6. They help to reduce pain and soreness! Whether it was a hard session at the gym or just trying to prevent arthritis, baths (with some sea salts) are a really good way to ease the tension in your muscles and bones. Hydrotherapy is a very real thing used by medical professionals every where. (Bonus points if you have a bath with jets!)

7. It can literally heal you. Winter is coming, which means cold and flu season is creeping along right behind. From runny noses to full on body aches, the steam from a hot bath can help your body relax, clean out your nasal passages, and at the very least, make you a little more comfortable.

8.Baths are the environmentally conscious thing to do. Unless you take a full shower in less than about four minutes, a shower uses far more water than a bath does. Another bonus? That extra water is also extra money. So baths are the wallet conscious thing to do, too.

9. It is recommended that a bath should only be about 15 to 20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to do that facial you've always wanted to try. But instead of doing it while wandering around your house and trying to keep your hair out of it, you can relax in a tub. Score.

10. Your skin will thank you. Baths moisturize dry skin, open clogged pores, and keep skin looking fresher and younger for longer. Do you really need any more convincing?

11. They give you a chance to experiment with the fun essential oils, bath , fizzy bombs, and bubble products that make amazing instagrams and snap stories. Celebrities swear by some of these products, and not to mention-- it's just fun! It's like a DIY Spa Treatment for way less money. You can find these products literally anywhere, but Lush is basically a bath tub gold mine.

12. Not only will you smell better, but you will smell better, longer. And so will your bathroom. The steam from baths will condense on the walls, and your skin will absorb the aromas, to keep you smelling fresh all day or night.

13. It is romantic. Whether you are sharing a tub for a night with a significant other, pulling a 'Hannah and Jessa' from HBO's Girls, or just taking some time to love on yourself, a bath can be very intimate, which can boost emotional well being and communication skills in the long run. Find a great Spotify playlist, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, or find a chair to prop up your Netflix-- whatever you do, find a good ambiance, and enjoy it.

14. You don't really need one, but a bath is an excuse to do nothing. No matter how old you are or where you are at in your life, taking a bath is basically a subtle way of saying 'I'm not doing anything else for the next twenty minutes.' And there is a special place in hell for people who don't respect the boundaries of bath time.

15. As my friend put it best, a bath is like a warm hug-- without actually having to be around people. It's like a hug for your soul. And who doesn't like hugs?