It is that time once again. The most anticipating and exciting event for all people around the world, both sports lovers or not. The most-watched event that only happens every 4 years is not the Summer Olympics, but the FIFA Men's World Cup. In this tournament, national soccer teams (or futebol as most of the world calls it) compete against each other in what seems to be a matter of life or death, until the victor succeeds and gains hold of the golden World Cup, and the prestige that comes along with it. The prestige as the best national soccer team in the world.

For us Americans, we probably pay as much attention to the World Cup or even soccer as we do to curling (no offense USA curling), which probably explains why the USA men's team didn't even qualify this year. But for the rest of the world, it is a holiday.

The World Cup is always full of surprises that it is merely impossible to be bored by a game. With the help from The Office, here is the roller coaster of emotions and shocks explained.

1. When a Team Gets Demolished and Loses by More than 3 Goals

2. When You're Sick and Tired of Watching the Same Great Teams Winning

3. When Players Argue with Refs and Get Awarded Yellow Cards

4. When the Tournament Reaches the Knock-out Stages

5. When an Underdog Wins the Biggest "Upset" of the Whole Tournament

6. When a Powerhouse Loses to an Underdog in the Biggest "Upset"

7. When Your Favorite Celebrities are Spotted Cheering on Their Favorite Teams

8. Soccer Fans Arguing with One Another

9. When You Watch the Champion Team Receive their Trophy and You Realize You are Not a World Cup Champion