Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapters 9 And 10
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapters 9 And 10

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapters 9 And 10

Chapter 9

"How can I think of anyone the same as before."--Shamara

I fell asleep on the way to where ever we are going. I can tell that I am still bleeding pretty bad and getting pretty light headed. I didn't think a gut wound would bleed so much.

I woke up when we pulled up to a three-story house that was set up like mine except with an extra floor. Matt helped me out of the car and started walking to the front door. When we got to the stairs, everything started spinning. I stopped Matt before he took his first step. He turned to me and gave me a wide eye look before I started to collapse. He swept me into his arms before I hit the ground and ran inside. He laid me down on the couch.

"Shamara, are you ok? I thought you said it wasn't bad. Damn it, Shamara. Doc?! Hurry! I need you down here."

He turned back to me after yelling down the hall.

"Don't you dare fall asleep, Shamara. You need to stay awake for a little bit longer." He said panicking.

A woman came in a few seconds later.

"What the hell is going on down here? Shamara? Is that you? And why are you bleeding?" She said as she came closer to us. Why does she sound so familiar?

"Emily. She lost a lot of blood and I think she is still loosing more than she needs to. I'll explain everything when she is well but can you hurry."

"We will definitely be having a long conversation." She muttered as she pulled up my shirt to look at the wound.

I looked at her face a little more closely. She looks so familiar.

"Mom?" I asked weakly.

"Yes, Sweetie. Now be still while I stop the bleeding.

I nodded at her and looked at Matt. He had a shocked look while he was looking back and forth between me and mom.

"Ok. Matt, can you go find my kit and bring it in here?" Mom asked a couple of minutes later.

"Yeah, sure." He left and Mom sighed in relief.

"I never thought he would stop staring at us and he will be gone for a little bit since I already have my kit right here." She picked up a black case and showed me. I chuckled and moaned in pain.

No laughing for awhile.

"So tell me what happened," I told her what happened since I got home. By the time I got done with the playback, she was done stitching me up and Matt came back.

I tried to sit up and just ended up flopping back down. Ugh. Did a mack truck hit me too?

"Take it slow, sweetie. It won't take as much time to heal like it did last time. You wouldn't have lost so much blood if it wasn't for this idiot over here." She said with anger.

"Hey. What did I do?" Matt questioned.

"It's what you didn't do. You are supposed to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding but instead, she almost bled out." She yelled. Wow. She is angry.

They started arguing back and forth. I know I should stop this but it's just so funny. You don't see my mom so riled up often.

"And why is she here and not a hospital, Matt! She could have died if I wasn't stopping by for one last check-up."

"I did what I thought was best, Emily. She said she was fine when we were on our way here."

"You..." She said before I interrupted.

"Mom! That's enough. He is right. I said I was fine but I couldn't tell how much I was loosing until I got here." I said when I sat up.

Wow. I am recovering quicker. And I don't feel as weak as did.

"But Shamara. You were stabbed!" She replied.

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Mother."

"Don't be a smart ass, young lady." I rolled my eyes and started to stand up. Matt came running to me to help. I held him back and stood up a little unsteady. After a minute to adjust, I walked to the kitchen that I saw connected to the living room.

I sensed them behind me to make sure I didn't fall or anything. I found a coffee maker and made us something to drink. Matt came up behind me to take the cups away from me. I shook my head at him and pointed to the kitchen table.

"But..." He started. I shook my head again.

"Sit boy. You too, Mom."

"I'm not a dog you know," Matt muttered as he sat down.

"Are you sure about that?" I replied to his comment.

He gave me an 'Oh, crap' look.

"I don't know what you are talking about." He said looking away from me.

I rolled my eyes and came to sit across from him and Mom.

"I'm not an idiot, Matt. I saw the wolves that surrounded you and the one that attacked Salem. Now explain." I said while looking between them.

Mom sighed and turned to Matt. "You are one true idiot aren't you. Are going to explain it or should I?"

Matt stayed quiet and looked like he was thinking.

"We don't have all day!" Mom yelled at him.

Wow. She really doesn't like him. Does she.

"Mom. Just tell me" I said while rubbing my temples. This is giving me a headache.

"Ok. We are..." She started.

"We are werewolves." Matt blurted out and Mom gave him the evil eye.


Chapter 10

"She will be mine no matter what."-- Salem

"You've got to be kidding!" I yelled. "When did this happen, Mom."

"Well...Actually. I was born as a werewolf. So is everyone else." She replied.

"So, how does it work? Give me the details."

"Matt, your turn. You got her into this."

"Fine. Just to start with. Werewolves are like a family. We live together unless we want our own house and live like a pack. Just like regular wolves. I am what we call an Alpha or the guy in charge. Every pack is same. And yes there are more of us. Anyways. In the system of packs, there is an Alpha, a Beta, and a Gamma. A Beta is second in command and is in charge of the warriors or the fighters just in case of an attack. A Gamma or third in charge make sure the packed house runs smoothly or is in charge when the Alpha or Beta is gone. Now the ones that don't want to live in a pack or is kicked out is called a rogue. They are extremely dangerous and we use caution when we run into one. Understand so far?" I nodded and he continued. "Ok. We change when every we want. We are not forced by the full moon like the movies and books want everyone to think. Does that answer most of your questions?"

"Is Dad a werewolf too?And does he know about this?" I directed to Mom.

"No. He is human and he does know." She replied.

"Then what does that make me? And will I shift into one too?"

"You are half human and half werewolf. You haven't shown any sign of turning until now. It seems like you are growing stronger every day. I don't know what will happen everyone is different. You may never shift but you may find a mate since you are a half werewolf." Mom explained.

"Wait. What is a mate?" I asked.

"A mate is like a soulmate. To a werewolf, it is the perfect and chosen one for that werewolf."

"How can I tell when I met him?"

"Umm... you will feel more attracted to him and most of all you will feel sparks when you touch him."

My eyes got wide. And looked at Matt. Is he my...? Could it be?

"Are you ok, sweetie? Maybe you should go lie down."

"Maybe. But first, before I leave. Who are the Beta and Gamma?"

"Oh. Whoops. I forgot to mention it. Guys, you can come in now." The gang came in and found a sit around the table.

"You already know that I'm the Alpha. Nick is the Beta." Nick nodded to me. "Chloe is his mate." She smiled at me as he continued. "James is the Gamma and is mateless at the moment. And Dawn is one of the warriors here."

"Awesome. Well, girls, I believe we have sleep over that we still have to plan so let's move it." I said while getting up.

"Are you sure you need to do that? You need your rest after what you just went through." Matt said.

I looked back at him and said, "I'm sure. This is the perfect thing to do for stress. Mom?" She looked at me. "We need to talk later."

"Ok." Is all she said as I walked out with the girls.

Matt's POV:

Emily was still looking at the doorway that Shamara went through.

"Emily? There was something that Shamara said that I was wondering about." I said.

She sighed and turned to me. "What did she say exactly?" She replied.

"Chloe's dad asked her if she was going to be ok until we get here. She replied 'Yeah. I'll be fine. It's not my first time.' What did she mean by that?"

She looked at me with a sad look and shook her head.

"That is something that she has to tell you. I'm sorry." I watched as she got up and left.

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