Yes, I'm A Feminist And I'm Feminine
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Yes, I'm A Feminist And I'm Feminine

If you don't know the difference, read on, my lovelies.

Yes, I'm A Feminist And I'm Feminine
The Washington Post

Alright, let's get one thing clear from the get go: just because I'm a feminist and support many of the societal advances feminism has put forth doesn't mean I'm fighting for these changes for myself. I'm fighting for all women who are shut down or turned away, for equality between men and women in the workforce, in the political world, in the household, and in every social community.

What I believe in is a choice. Who am I to tell you what to do with your body, with your career, with your life? I'm not the one living it so it's none of my business. Unfortunately, that thought hasn't pierced deep enough into the heads of stubborn men everywhere who keep trying to control human beings they don't even understand. Laws concerning women in the workforce, in public office, or at home (in some bizarre cases) are based on ancient traditions. Think of it like this: why do we continue to walk everywhere when cars have been around for ages?

Now, when I say I'm also feminine, I'm not contradicting myself. My beliefs and my passion for women everywhere to have a choice as to what they want to do with their lives should reflect the fact that I want to do the same with mine. If I choose to settle down, get married and have kids instead of bustling a 9-5 at an office, then that's my choice. If I decide to skip the wedding and be the single mom juggling a career and the home front, again, my choice. Whatever my decision may be it doesn't make me any less feminine.

Let's define the word, shall we? First off, it's an adjective before it's a noun. And it translates to having certain qualities associated with women, such as kindness and beauty. When you think of a woman, or even better, a mom, someone with those qualities immediately comes to mind. And that's okay because it's true, women develop a nurturing quality naturally once they have a baby. That's what makes them feminine, right?

Okay, let's keep going. Women's fashion sense is extremely feminine, as are the countless products we're sold every minute to further develop our femininity. Dresses, heels, purses, are just the start. Women are more than encouraged to look the part on the inside, too, with healthy eating habits for the entire family. In doing so, women "prove" to everyone else that they look, dress, and behave the way a woman should, earning her the title of feminine.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the above description? Don't think that it's because this is the opposite of feminism. The only thing wrong with the statement is that women are doing this to "prove" something to someone else. Why do women need to prove anything to anyone? The only person they have to prove themselves to is themselves. Proving it to anyone else makes absolutely no sense to me. And that's where I combined feminism with femininity.

Being feminine can mean whatever you want it to mean. For me, it's being caring and nurturing towards others (because I naturally have that in me). It's not about being pretty with makeup, clothes, and the body. It's about embracing the woman within, because we've all got one. Now, in terms of being a feminist, it plays the part in giving every woman the chance to be who they choose to be. Whether they strive for the housewife life or the career path, or a little bit of both, feminism isn't just about equality, it's about changing things for the better and giving every woman a voice.

I said it before and I'll say it again, the traditions we grew up with are ancient and they're not going to go away unless people stand up to them. Feminists and feminine women are placed in those categories because everyone seems to think they are opposites who don't attract. Yes, they are opposites, but they don't repel each other, they compliment one another. Banding together, they can and will make a difference. Getting rid of those outdated conditions placed for women and change the way the world sees them is just the start, earning equal pay, educational opportunities, maternity leave, and protection from rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence... Now that's where we focus our attention next.

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