What Is A Female?

What is a female? Who is a female?
In the world today, when I think of an answer to that question
I think of a unique body re-made and trained to suit "the man."

Traditions taught me to cook so I could hold "the man" down
"The ways to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Those mamas warned me against tried to teach me to expose myself
"To get to a man's heart, aim below his stomach a little."

Society at one time teased me to trim my body right.
"The average man likes 'em thick" "No he likes 'em skinny" "No he just likes 'em curvy, regardless of their size."

Papa taught me to hide till it's time to get married.
"It’s a male’s world; a female has no place."

Culture commands me to wait till marriage before I know a man sexually. That's okay, my religion does too but what about the man?
"What a man does, does not matter, just aim to be the best bride, cook, be clean, be fruitful, faithful, learn to hide your pain, feelings, dreams and wants. Submit yourself! He is the man."

Jobs redefine genders.
"Yes you do the same job, but you’re a female so you get 77 cents of every of the man's one dollar."

Justice! He raped her...and there is concrete evidence.
"He was provoked by her dress code, not guilty."

Justice! He abused his daughter.
"He's sick, he will get therapy but for the homosexuals that got married, 14 years in prison."

Justice! You know what, there's no point.
Justice has become a foundation for injustice.

The idea of suiting "the man" and other societal expectations ... set for females shrinks the ultimate height a woman can reach.
It buries the worth of a female and blinds the world from seeing that.

"A female is pride."
And her world is her court... she decides how it is played.
A female is a pride that should not be condemned by culture, justice, traditions, jobs, society, you or anyone.

Nelson Mandela stated, "freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression."
The greatest nations in the world today are nations that know the quality of their women and understand their value.
So females! When you are asked "Who are you?"
Say confidently with your heads up high,

"I am pride, the full circle, within me is the power to create, nurture and transform, respect that!"

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