Feeling Drained Is Okay!

People usually have so many things that they have to do in a given day.

As everyone knows there are only 24 hours in one day, and most people sleep for about of those 24 hours. Balancing everything is quite difficult, being a high school student, college student, a parent or a working adult, there is so much that has to get done no matter what. Whether you have homework, work, an internship, or doing anything that involves being a parent. Everything piles up and causes so much stress.

Some days you just feel absolutely drained, more than others and when it comes down to it, being drained is not good for your physical or mental health.

Take time for yourself, have a you-day or an off-day. Having busy days every day for long periods of time will never be good for you because once you are burned out then everything you do won't be at your best, everyone around you will be affected, your work will be affected, your relationships, your whole life.

Taking time for yourself isn't a bad thing, just stop and breathe.

Having a spa day, or a relaxing day at home, go on a vacation if you can afford it, mental health is so important. Some people may make you feel bad, but honestly screw them because you need time for you to be able to decompress. Because they aren't you, they don't know how you feel. Because sometimes being burned out can lead to depression and depression is a serious thing.

Don't let people make you feel as though you don't deserve it you are being a child, that it is life suck it up, because in all reality that isn't the case at all!

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