Don't Let The Fear Of Getting Close To People Keep You From Making Everlasting Connections

Don't Let The Fear Of Getting Close To People Keep You From Making Everlasting Connections

It's time to let your guard down.


I seclude myself in the fear of judgment. I seclude myself in the fear of opening up. I seclude myself in the fear of allowing another person to know the depths of my soul and walking away with the ability to break me. I seclude myself because its comfortable. I seclude myself because it's easier to be alone without the chance of being hurt by others.

However, I've recently recognized the damage this has created for me. It has prevented me from developing friendships. It has made me shy away from old friendships. It has given me a negative outlook about the world. It has made me thoroughly consumed in loneliness to the point that I am unsure how to break free from its control. This connection that I refuse is needed. Without it, how will I be able to internally grow to my greatest potential? The truth of the matter is this:

People will hurt you, that's a given. Attempting to prevent that hurt will only hurt you in the end. There is significance in being heartbroken by others that pushes us to grow internally to excessive lengths. We must understand this. Shutting yourself out from the world leaves you alone; with no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, no one to share interesting events with, and no one to listen. Our minds make us believe we can handle it, and that we are strong enough to live in silence away from people. But we are wrong. Time will prove that being in your own world for too long can cause detrimental comfort. Comfort that we become so invested in that it is nearly impossible to walk away from.

To those who have found compelling fascination for avoiding the world,

There is beauty in letting your guard down for others. There is a purpose in allowing others to see you for who you truly are. Don't let the horrific people you have experienced paint an extremely gloomy perspective of what the rest of the world might offer. You will be surprised how many people can help to heal your pain, if you give them the chance to. You will be amazed once you are able to visualize the number of remarkable people who are out there waiting to meet someone like you. Take a risk, because there is more unexpected greatness that will occur as a result than there is expected misery. There is plenty of opportunity for meeting someone who resembles your most valued qualities, who will be willing to reciprocate care, love, kindness, and consideration. You need to be willing to face the possibility of internal wounds for the sake of developing an everlasting connection. Even if you have encountered many people who make you question why the connection is of any importance, do not let this confusion distract your desire for finding the meaning behind it all and the ways in which it can assist you.

This fear can be shattered once you acknowledge the POWER that comes from engaging within the depths of others, and allowing them to witness all of the wonderful qualities you carry.

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1. Beer holster belt

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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Whatever (Or Whoever) Rejects You Makes You Stronger

College and rejection go hand in hand.


It happens every time: the same sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach while your eyes skim over the words "We regret to inform you…" or "We are unable to admit you at this time". Rejection comes in many forms, whether it be in the opening lines of a depressing email or in the simple lack of your name on a list that you knew you should have been on. It never gets easier to look at these supposed failures on your part; you never realize how easy it is to blame yourself for not getting onto a cast list for a play or into a certificate program for your major (both scenarios I have gone through this past month) until you start questioning why you weren't good enough.

For me, high school was relatively rejection-free. I breezed through auditions for the school musicals and got the parts I wanted. I got into all of the colleges I applied to except for one. Both of my prom dates for junior and senior year were settled quickly and without hassle. I certainly had my fair share of disappointments and drama throughout my high school years, but for the activities I was most passionate about, I found myself to be doing pretty well.

Of course, college life tends to show you a sneak peek of the real world, and I certainly received my wake-up call. Suddenly I was applying to leadership positions and auditioning for musicals at college and swiftly getting turned down. Needless to say, I was discouraged. What am I doing wrong? I asked myself after I wasn't called back for a role in a play I really wanted. Am I not good enough? The adjustment from doing well in the proverbial "small pond" of high school to seemingly failing in the "big pond" of a major university was something I struggled with freshman year and something I still struggle with.

With each rejection, whether it be from a director, a club, or even a boy over text, I felt disappointed, angry, and sad. But rejection tends to help us more than harm us, even if we don't believe it in the moment. With each rejection came a new opportunity for me: where I may have been involved in a musical, I found a really awesome music group to be a part of. Where I may have gotten into a certificate program, through my rejection, I got an opportunity to write for the school paper. I realize now that rejection opens the doors we ignored when putting our sole focus on something else. Rejection doesn't break us down; it makes us stronger.

So, to all of the college students out there feeling ready to give up after hearing yet another "no", don't. A "yes" may be just around the corner.

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