2020 Wrap Up: 5 of My Favorite Uprising Artists of 2020
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2020 Wrap Up: 5 of My Favorite Uprising Artists of 2020

Just some on the rise artists that will be taking 2021 by storm.

2020 Wrap Up: 5 of My Favorite Uprising Artists of 2020

Five of the best uprising artists of 2020.

1. Jack Kays

If you took Machine Gun Kelly, blink-182, and SWMRS, then you would get Jack Kays. His sound is so unique yet so familiar sounding. he has a natural rasp that makes him fit into an alternative punky genre and I live for it. Even though I relate to him a lot now, If I had his music during my peak angsty teen phase then I would've been thriving. I can't wait to see the music he releases in 2021. I also just think Jack would be a dope person to hang out with so that just makes his music that much better.

​2. JayXander

While doesn't have a lot of music out, he still is one of my favorite finds of 2020. He has a punky vibe to him much like Jack, but he has more of a pop/rap sound mixed into him. His song "HOODIES" really shows how much overthinking can be caused by not only breakups but because of life in general. I am really excited to see what he does in 2021 and how much he grows.

3. Isabelle Brown

Isabelle has such a soulful pop sound. She released an album this year with an array of different moods. She has a fun and upbeat style and includes production and instrumental styles that provide a bluesy/jazz undertone to her songs. She reminds me a lot of Bruno Mars in the way that she has a funky and unique style that I heard a lot of.

4. Zekey

With a lot of new releases in 2020, I am shocked that he hasn't blown up more. He has a similar style to Hoodie Allen with the pop/rap feel his music radiates. He has super fun beats, cute and catchy lyrics, and overall really fun and approachable vibe that makes me want to be his friend. His song "If Only" is a super cute song that talks about all they things that could happen if he was given a chance with a girl.


Mia's 2020 album has so many fun songs on it. Her musical style reminds me of a "Still Woozy" type of genre and alt-pop scene with very fun and melodic production. She is going to grow so much in 2021 due to her really fun and vibe choices and relatable lyrics. A very unique and appealing sound that you don't come across often.

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