My Six Favorite DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas From Pinterest

My Six Favorite DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas From Pinterest

Time to bust out the Ugly Christmas sweaters!

Time to Bust Out the Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions has become the ugly Christmas sweater. I know it has become an over used Christmas party theme, but they are so much fun! Whether you go thrift shopping with friends to buy some retro ones, or if you make them yourself, ugly Christmas sweaters are the best! Especially now that there are sites like Pinterest that have the best crafting ideas! Most of my inspiration for anything comes from Pinterest! So for this holiday season, I have searched Pinterest to find my six favorite DIY Christmas sweater ideas! So whether you're going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, or you are just hanging out with friends and family this holiday season, make an ugly Christmas sweater for all of your holiday events this month! I hope you find some fun and appealing Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas that you want to try!

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation themed ugly sweater

Okay, this is just a whole new level of awesomeness! For as long as I can remember, Christmas Vacation has been my family's favorite Christmas movie and it has been a tradition to watch it together every Christmas. I love this idea because it is so unique and almost everyone would recognize it! Just grab a Christmas sweater with a Christmas tree on it and attach a stuffed animal squirrel to it (haha). It's pretty much guarantied that no one will have the same sweater.

2. The Ugly Christmas sweater made of Tinsel

This is just a fabulous disaster! I'm not sure if I would wear it because it has the potential to be extremely itchy, but I love that it is a fresh take on the traditional ugly sweater. This idea is also inexpensive which, if you are a college student like me, is very important to you! So if you are crafty and imaginative, give this one a try! It will be an unforgettable Christmas sweater for sure!

3. A Christmas Story themed Ugly sweater

A Christmas Story is my all time favorite Christmas movie, so I love this ugly sweater! I think any version of this sweater would be awesome! It you love A Christmas Story as much as I do, this is the sweater to make for this Christmas! Have fun with it!

4. Star Wars ugly sweater

I love all things Star Wars, and even though this doesn't look like the easiest sweater to make, I LOVE this idea! This is the perfect ugly sweater for any Star Wars fan and will make an impact at any Christmas party! If you are artsy, give this one a try!

5. The mis-matched reindeer sweater

This one may seem simple, but I love the mis-matched fabric that makes the reindeer! If you buy a plain sweatshirt from Walmart and get some extra scraps of fabric to make the reindeer shape, you can easily make this idea your own. You can make this sweater as crazy as you want! Hot glue some ugly ornaments around the reindeer or maybe attach some blinking lights! This sweater could be super ugly and super awesome!

6. The Starbucks themed ugly sweater

I think this idea is so creative and has the potential to be awesome! The sweater in the picture is adorable and looks very easy to make! Get a plain red or green sweatshirt and add the Starbucks cups to it! I really love this idea and think it is one that no one would forget if someone came into a Christmas party wearing it! If you love Starbucks, give it a try!

I hope you found at least one ugly sweater that you want to try making for this holiday season! Now that December is only days away, it's time to rock the ugly sweaters!

Cover Image Credit: Her Campus

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