My Top 5 Holiday Desserts

Holidays are my favorites because of the different dessert options that come back into season. Listed below are some good treats to snack on:

1. Pillsbury Cookies

These cookies are so little and I can literally eat them by the handful. They are so good, what is another cookie going to do?

2. Frosted Sugar Cookies

It's just something about cookies that are made this way- they are so good! I really look forward to buying them.

3. Pie

Although it is not one of my favorites, I decided to include it since my household loves eating pie especially during the Thanksgiving season

4. Ice- Cream

To me, ice cream is an every season, every day kind of situation. It's especially nice throughout the holidays when you have warm cake or pie.

5. Pumpkin Spiced

I am not a fan, but the flavor tends to be in many holiday desserts.

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