Father's Day for Step Dads
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To My Step-Dad, Thanks For Being The Dad We Always Needed

Thank you for stepping up and being everything we needed in life.

family with step father
Elizabeth Shelby

There are several families in the world that have either a step-mom or step-dad. You may have both. I have a step-dad, and I am so appreciative of what he does for me. He walked into a situation that most people would have turned around. I wanted to write this article as a thank-you to him for not turning around or leaving.

Thank you for coming into our family and healing our broken hearts. We had a major loss and you came in and mended our pain. You helped us see the value of life and made us realize we should be thankful for everything we have instead of focusing on what we lost.

Thank you for giving us someone else to look up to and admire. Not everyone can do what you did. It was a courageous thing to do. We are very grateful that you stepped up to the plate.

Thank you for taking care of my siblings and me. Thank you for being the father figure we needed. You have gone above and beyond for us and just know we are very thankful.

Thank you for not only taking care of my siblings and me but also our mother. She needed you most when you stepped in. She was very distraught and with you, she healed.

Thank you for believing in us when we do not believe in ourselves. You have taught us that we can accomplish and work for anything in life no matter who is betting against us.

Thank you for teaching us to accept others for who they are and not what they look like or what they have. You have taught us to not believe in stereotypes and to take others as they come. You have helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet different types of people and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you for allowing us to do things we might not have been able to afford before you. I do not have to worry about college and my siblings will not have to worry as well. We are financially stable now which is something that would have taken us forever to do before you. We used to have one income and now we do not have to worry about needing more.

Thank you for accepting us as your own. It is easier said than done but you have not thought twice about it. You walked in and started bonding with us like we had been family for forever. We are extremely appreciative.

Thank you for being the father we forever needed. Our life now makes sense with you. We have a new meaning of life and everything it stands for. You have helped us in the most drastic part of our life and I will never forget it. You are the dad of all dads and we could not thank you enough for the impact you have had on this family.

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