A Letter Wishing My Dad A Happy Father's Day
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A Letter Wishing My Dad A Happy Father's Day

Can this count as your card?

A Letter Wishing My Dad A Happy Father's Day
Averi Amsterdam

Dear Dad,

Happy belated Father's Day! Sorry, I wasn't home for it again this year; growing up means missing some of the family holiday's I guess. Also, sorry I didn't get you a gift yet (keyword yet), you're just so difficult to buy for, but I'll eventually think of something.

I hope you enjoyed your day with a breakfast in bed and some lottery tickets as usual. I tried to remember to mail you a card, but it was always at the wrong times. Like I would be at work going back to stand from the break and remember, but then forget as soon as I would get home at night. But it's the thought that counts right?

I know there are times where it may seem that I am a closer mom than to you, but it is just because you don't answer your phone, read texts or just respond by bringing up a completely different topic. It's not true, though. I love you both equally and I could never be more grateful for all that you do for me.

Like those weekly letters you have been sending me since I left for college freshman year. I look forward to them at the beginning of every week to see what funny wise words of advice you have for me to get me through the never-ending stress of the semester. And then dealing with my rants and rages about whatever was grinding my gears on that particular day and letting me talk your ear off (on those rare occasions you answered my call). Also, thank you for providing me with all your help with anything school related over the years; from studying for tests to what classes to take next. Even though I'm pretty sure you weren't always confident in your ability to help, it was always appreciated and still is.

I know I joke about your grandpa-grey Prius that you so proudly drive and how you're old now that you are over 50, but it is all out of love. From the baby picture of me with your bandaged thumb to all the Snapchat selfies I make you take with me today, every single one is a cherished memory. I am beyond fortunate to have the close relationship with my dad as I do with you, so please never think I take it for granted. I know I get sassy, moody and short with you at times, but never think any of that makes me less appreciative of all you do for me.

From the big things like the 20.5 hour drive down with me to Florida and leaving the porch light on for me when I come home (and then getting angry when I forget to turn it off), to the little ones like the good morning and good night texts, I am thankful for it all. I have been blessed with the best dad on this planet and I am proud to call you mine.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. We will celebrate when I'm home.



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