Today dating has become a little less romantic than it seems to have been in the '50s and '60s movies. It seems that those were the good days where people actually sent you letters and not one letter text messages with like 20 different meaningless emojis. The dreaded dating sites where you don't know if you are taking to that person in the pictures or being catfished did not exist.

Here are a some old fashion dating habits we need to bring back to the 21 st century.

1. Asking someone to go out and not calling it "hanging out."

I do not care if you do not follow any other adivice on here but you must follow this one. This is the most simple thing you can do when starting a relationship. There will be zero confusion of what you consider a friend or a girlfriend. Maybe then your date can actually be a date.

2. Get out of you car and go to the front door to pick up your date.

Don't just do it for prom, do it for every date. You will not die if you actually go the front door and knock instead of sending a text message that you're there. Plus, while you are out there, maybe you can open your car door for her...or not.

3. Make an effort to dress nicely for dates.

I am pretty sure you look pretty darn cute in your gym shorts and muscle tees but let's leave them for the gym. I am not saying to wear a full-on tux every time you go on date, but how about nice shirt that does not have a stain from your latest lunch. Dressing up on both the girl's and boy's side shows that you actually care about the fact that you are going on a date with that person.

4. How about a romantic gesture?

Lets not wait until that person is dead to give them flowers. Bring her flowers, chocolates, or even write her a letter to show her how much you care about her. If that's not your style, how about giving her a playlist or necklace that reminds you of her?

5. Turn off your cellphones or put them away while on a date

How annoying is it when you are trying to get a conversation going and the other person is on their phone not even texting but on Instagram? Let's put the phones away and actually talk to each other. Have a staring contest instead, but don't be looking through your phone.

6. The concept of asking for permission.

Ask the other person if it's okay to hold hands. This way you actually state that you are ready to move on to the next step instead of coming on as too pushy.

7. Take your date out to go dancing.

Run out of date ideas? How about going to a dance that does not involve grinding? Go out to a ballroom or salsa dance class. There's nothing more romantic than pretending you're in Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" music video.